571 Haddon Avenue

Northwest Corner of Haddon & Mount Ephraim Avenues

571 Haddon Avenue was a bar for many years before being razed in the late 1960s. William F. "Billy" Sand owned the business as early as 1906 until May of 1914, when he sold the business to James D. Thompson. Under the name Thompson's Cafe, the bar was still running under James D. Thompson's management as late as August of 1933.

By 1936 William Dischert had acquired the business, and he was still there as late as 1951. In that year the license was transferred to  Edwain Stewart Klein and Martha Heron Phillips Klein, of 3022 North Constitution Road, and the bar was renamed Stewart's Tpby Tavern. The Kleins were the licensees as late as the spring of 1955, but parted ways soon afterwards.

By June of 1957 Edwin Stewart Klein was no longer a licensee. Martha Phillips retained the license, with the bar having been rechristened The Corner. The 1959 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory shows the bar as Toby Stewart's Tavern. Martha  Phillips was still the proprietor in 1969 when she passed away.

571 Haddon Avenue and all but a few of the buildings on the 500 block of Haddon Avenue were razed shortly afterwards to make way for Interstate Highway 676.