408-410 Line Street

THE TIGERS DEN and The Tiger' Den Liquor Shack succeeded the South Camden Bocce Club at 408-410 Line Street in 1973, and remained in operation until it was partially wrecked by fire in November of 1979. 410 Line was destroyed in the fire. The liquor store appear to have operated out of 408 Line, which is still standing in 2023.

The South Camden Bocce Club was active in Camden from the 1930s into the 1970s.
In 1934 the South Camden Bocce Club obtained a liquor license for a building at 329 Spruce Street. In 1939 this license was transferred to a house at 306 Spruce Street. This may have been the result of some division with the club, as a South Spruce Bocce Club also obtained a liquor license in 1930, for 331-337 Spruce Street. The South Spruce Bocce Club was short-lived, it's liquor license being revoked in January of 1943, and it appears that the club itself had disbanded many months before that.

By February of 1941, the South Camden Bocce Club had moved to 410 Line Street. maintained a clubhouse at 408-410 Line Street in the mid-1960s.  The 1947 Camden City Directory lists the address as 408 Line Street, while in 1967 the club's liquor license renewal application says 410 Line Street. The building, oddly enough had been the home of the First Nazarene Baptist Church as late as 1924. The club remained at Line Street until the summer of 1973 when it moved to the second floor of 416 Line Street. The liquor license appears to have expired after that, and perhaps the club as well. A liquor license was issued that year to Leonard Antonelli of 3312 Rowe Street in Camden. He operated the bar as The Tiger's Den until November 1979.

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July 17, 1973

Camden Courier-Post - November 27, 1979

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