1900 Fillmore Street
Southeast corner of Fillmore and Viola Streets

William Zawojski owned and operated the bar at 1900 Fillmore Street in Camden in the late 1940s. He previously had been involved in a bar at 1299 Morton Street with Frank Mroczkowski, the Morton Cafe

According to the 1947 Camden City Directory, William Zawojski lived over the bar with his wife Pauline. Sometime after the publication of the Directory, Zawojski or his successor in ownership of the bar renamed it the Television Cafe, and it held this name through 1959. The Zawojskis later moved to Pleasantville NJ, where William passed away in April 1975 at the age of 73.   

In 1967, the bar was known as the T.V. Bar and was operated by the V.M.K. Corporation.

By 1970 the bar was called the T & V Bar. Another ownership change occurred in the 1980s, and the bar was known as the TV Tavern.

In the bar's final years the owner passed away, and his brother inherited the bar. The brother had a criminal record, and this led to the loss of its liquor license. There were also complaints from the neighbor in the adjoining house at 1902 Fillmore Street. These complaints were completely unfounded, however. The bar's closure probably has as much to do with the general economic decline in the neighborhood, which in 2003 only has one active tavern and one private club open, where there were at least 24 in 1946.

The T & V Bar was vacant in 2003, and was razed sometime during the 2000s. 

Television Tavern - August 27, 2003