226 State Street
Southwest Corner of North 3rd and State Streets

While the building dates back to at least the 1870s if not earlier, there apparently was no bar there prior to the repeal of Prohibition in 1934. In the years 1887 through 1891, 226 State Street was the home of a ship captain, Samuel C. Platt. Captain Platt apparently started out operating small craft on the Delaware utilized in unloading cargo from ship to shore and vice versa, then as a river pilot o the Delaware River, and finally as a sea captain. Captain Platt and wife Emily had at least seven children, according to the 1880 census. 

By 1920 a Frank Hartmann was residing there with his wife and son. The census lists no occupation, nor does the 1921 Business Directory for Camden show him operating any sort of business at that location. 

As a bar, the State Bar first seems to emerge after the 1933 repeal of Prohibition. A Charles F. Miller obtained a license renewal in June of 1939, according to the Camden Courier-Post, and City Directories for 1940 and 1943 show him as the proprietor.

When the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled, the bar was listed as Lee & George's Bar. It is unclear as of this writing who Lee and George were.  A Mrs. Theresa Doris, the widow of Martin Doris, was listed there as the proprietress in the 1947 directory.

In 1954, according to the New Jersey Bell Telephone directory, a John Bogacki had the bar.  The 1959 directory shows the State Bar at 226 State Street, and J.P. Bogacki at the address as well. John Paul Bogacki applied for the liquor license renewal in 1967.

John Bogacki was born in Camden in on October 5, 1916 to Jan and Maryanna Bogacki, both of whom were born in Poland. He was baptized at St. Joseph Church on 10th & Mechanic Streets in Camden. Married to Victoria Pojat, he had moved out of Camden by 1970. John Bogacki passed away on March 20, 1978 and was buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in Chews Landing NJ. 

As by 1970 Mr. Bogacki is no longer listed as living at 226 State Street, the ownership of the the State Bar in the years following is unknown to this writer. The State Bar remains in business today, and was reported to have recently been renovated in the summer of 2003. 


October 5,


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