1135-1137 South 4th Street

1135-1137 South 4th Street was operating as a saloon as early as 1918. Charles S. Ricco was the proprietor in the years 1918 through 1921. Frank Auletto, who had previously operated the bar at 252 Kaighn Avenue, first appears as operating 1135-1137 South 4th Street in 1928. He was involved in the bar through at least 1939. The 1940 Camden City Directory shows Elizabeth Auletto as the bar owner. 

Frank Auletto had moved to Audubon NJ by 1959. He resided there until his passing in 1974, shortly after his 79th birthday.

Benjamin Richmond appears in the 1947 Camden City Directory and was also listed as running the bar in the 1956 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory. The 1959 Telephone Directory shows that the bar was then called Johnny's Cafe, and it remained so through at least 1967. The bar was renamed once again, and by 1970 was known as Playgirls.   

Camden Courier-Post - October 21, 1936

1135-1137 South 4th Street - July 4, 1974
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