720 South 5th Street
Northeast Corner of South 5th and Pine Streets

The Pine Grill & Bar was run from June of 1939 through at least 1943 by Bert Bottura. He previously had bars at 600 South 3rd Street and at 1127 Mount Ephraim Avenue. Granted a license over the objection of nearby bar-owners who did not want competition, and certain neighbors, the Pine Grill flourished nevertheless. 

 By 1947 Sabatino Frattaroli was the proprietor. By the 1950s he had moved to East Camden, and remained there until his passing in 1979. It is unclear as of this writing how long he was connected with the Pine Grill & Bar.

The Pine Grill was well known for its Italian food, and was still serving fine food in South Camden as late as 1988. Pasquale "Pat" Massi ran the Pine Grill & Bar in the 1980s. 

In the mid 1990s the Pine Grill was one of a number of buildings in the immediate neighborhood that were completely renovated and converted into apartments. This is the purpose which this building serves as of October 2003.  

Camden Courier-Post - June 14, 1939

Camden Courier-Post - June 16, 1939

The Pine Grill & Bar
as it appears
November of 2003

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We just always called it "Fifth & Pine" and it was owned by Pat Massi when we went there. We went to Fifth & Pine until it closed in the late 80's.  I ordered the food from there for a party when my husband turned 50 in 1988. They had one of  the greatest home-mades with Clams Red, and Spaghetti and Shrimp,  greens with garlic and oil  and a great soup.  My mouth is watering.

Delores "Lady D" Hayney

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