940 North Second Street
Southeast Corner of North 2nd and Erie Street

James McAninley owned, operated, and lived at his saloon at 940 North 2nd Street in the years 1915 through his death in 1920. Born around 1846 in County Tyrone, in what is now Northern Ireland. He came to America in 1882 with brothers Bernard (1865-1912) and John, and a sister, Ellen. They all settled in Philadelphia initially.

James McAninley worked as a bartender in Philadelphia in the late 1880s and early 1890s before coming to Camden. The only member of his family to cross Delaware. Brother Bernard also owned a bar, in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

In 1912 James McAninley attempted to purchase the saloon that Charles Krattenmaker kept at 942 Federal Street. Krattenmaker mishandled McAninley's money, and the affair went to court, in January of 1913. 

According to the 1915 New Jersey State Census, James McAninley was living at 940 North 2nd Street in Camden with Margaret Feldeu or Felden, whose age at her last birthday 50 was 50 (Birth date December 1854) James McAninley is listed with age at last birthday as 64, with a birth date June? 1850. As his name was spelled incorrectly as "McAnnilly", as error on the part of the enumerator as to his birth date is now at all unlikely either. At the time of the census, he had been in the US for 34 years and was a naturalized citizen. He could read and write. Jamesí occupation listed as saloon keeper; Margaret is as housekeeper. Margaret was born in Pennsylvania but both her parents were born in Germany, and she too could read and write.

James McAninley died in May of 1920. He left no children. His death certificate in the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton reveals the following information. He was treated by Dr. M. N. Bray from April 30 to May 17, 1920 who stated that he had last seen the James McAninley alive on May 16, 1920. His age is listed as 'indeterminate.' The cause of death was listed as 'cerebral apoplexy'.

A widower, James McAninley left no children. His will leaves money to his sister-in-law, his niece and two of his nephews, and he specifically mentions he wants nothing to go to his other brother or his children, apparently there was a conflict between the brothers.  He also left money to a brother and sister who had remained in Ireland, and also mentions another brother in Ireland whose identity remains mysterious. 

The building at 940 North 2nd Street was vacant at the time the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled. The Little Bits Sandwich Shop was located there in 1967. It was not listed in the 1969 New jersey Bell Telephone Directory. As of 2003 the building was razed, it may well have been torn down decades ago.

Thanks to Susan McAninley, great-niece of James McAninley,
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