830 South 3rd Street
Southeast Corner of South 3rd Street and Division Streets

The Camden City Directory for 1918-1919 lists Marco Marino as running a saloon at 830 South 3rd Street. With the passage of Prohibition in 1919, Marco Marino went into the bakery business, and followed that trade exclusively until his retirement.

Marco Marino was born around 1871 he came to America in 1884. He married his first wife Lauretta, around 1894.  There were at least two children, Attilio, who went on to become a realtor and a lawyer in Camden, and Rose. By the time of the 1930 Census, the Marinos were living at 313 Spruce Street. Marco Marino still resided there as late as 1947.

In 1947 the building at 830 South 3rd was was being used as a cigar store, Emmanuel Turse being the proprietor with his wife Mary. He had been born in Pennsylvania on September 10, 1912. His family came to Camden, where his father first operated a junk business, and later found work in one of the shipyards. Emmanuel Turse had also worked in the shipyards prior to World War II. The Turse family is not listed in Camden County in the 1959 telephone directory. Emmanuel Turse last lived in Ventura CA. He died March 2, 2000.

830 South 3rd Street - November 9, 2003