701 South 4th Street
Southwest Corner of South 4th & Line Street

701 South 4th Street was operated in the later 1930s and early 1940s by Guido and Mary Piotti. Guido Piotti is named as the licensee in a June 1939 edition of the Camden Courier-Post, and in the 1940 and 1943 Camden City Directories. 

The 1947 Camden City Directory shows the property as Larry's Cafe, with Larry Attardi as the proprietor. Guido and Mary Piotti were then living nearby, at 639 South 4th Street. Guido Piotti is not listed in the 1959 Directory, Mary Piotti, is listed, however.

The bar is not listed in the 1959 Bell Telephone Directory. A Rose J. Attardi is listed at 804 South 5th, it is likely that she was related to Larry Attardi. 

The building was remodeled during the summer of 2003. 


Camden Courier-Post
February 24, 1938

Eagles Hall
Washington Street



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November 9, 2003

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