2101 Broadway Street
Southwest Corner of Broadway and Chelton Street

No longer standing, 2101 Broadway appears to have been the home of a bar and restaurant from the 1890s through at least 1947, when it last, appeared in a City Directories. The photograph below, from the collection of the Camden County Historical Society, is said to be a picture of J. Singer's Restaurant at 2101 Broadway.

 1918-1919 City Directory shows a Martin  Banewicz operating a saloon at the address. The 1931 City Directory lists Mrs. Olga Maurer as operating the establishment, and Mrs. Adella Oreb, the widow of Anthony Oreb, had the bar in 1940. The bar was known as The German Kitchen during the 1930s. A January 1941 advertisement in the Courier-Post newspapers show the bar as The Gaye Club, with a "floor show every evening". 

By December 10, 1942 Julius Beese was managing the bar, which was then known as Jules' Grill. Julius Beese lived at 560 Line Street with his wife Mary in the late 1940s. Mr. and Mrs. Beese had lived in Camden as early as 1919, residing in South Camden, and there were at least four children in the family by 1930. 

The 1943 and 1947 Directories show the bar as being called Jules' Grill. No taverns are listed in New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories from 1956 forward, 1956 being the earliest year that I have access to. Julius and Mary Beese are not listed in the 1956 Directory, although other family members were still living in various towns throughout Camden County.

J. Singer's Restaurant

2101 Broadway

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Camden Courier-Post

October 17, 1936

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Camden Courier-Post

January 15, 1941

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