1939 Fillmore Street
(Northwest Corner of Fillmore & Jefferson Streets)

John P. Kenney opened a tavern at 18 South 4th Street sometime between 1880 and 1887. He remained there through 1889, but the 1890 Camden City Directory shows that he had relocated to 1939 Fillmore Street in Camden's Eighth Ward. This bar would eventually change hands. The 1910 Census shows that John B. Bouillion was living and operating the saloon at 1939 Fillmore Street. By 1918 John B. Bouillion had moved his home and business to 524 Jefferson Street, and the saloon at 1939 Fillmore Street was being run by Joseph Schneider. With two saloons on the same corner, two on the corner of Broadway and Jefferson a half block away, one at Fillmore and Viola, one at Chelton and Broadway, and one at Chelton and Arlington, there must have been some very interesting goings-on in the neighborhood- there were no less than SEVEN bars within a block of the corner of Broadway and Jefferson Street!

Joseph Schneider had come to America from the old empire of Austria-Hungary in 1901. His native language was Magyar. At the time of the census Mr. Schneider lived over the saloon with wife Theresa, son Lawrence , 13, and daughters Elizabeth, 11, Marguerite, 9, and Theresa, 3. After the passage of Prohibition, Joseph Schneider sold the saloon. By 1930 the family had moved to 413 Van Hook Street. Joseph Schneider opened up a bakery at 1644 Broadway, known as Schneider's Bakery, which his son conducted after his death, through at least 1952.By 1956 George Ackerle had acquired the bakery, and after moving the business to 1500 Broadway, he continued the bakery's business through the late 1970s. 

After Joseph Schneider closed his saloon, John B. Bouillion remained in the saloon business at the intersection of Fillmore and Jefferson Streets. He passed away prior to the April 1930 census enumeration. His widow and children operated the bar until October of 1936, when the sold the property to Blanch Cook, who renamed it the Blanche Cafe.  524 Jefferson Street became the An-Be Tavern in the late 1950s, and remained as such until August of 2003, when David Gonzalez of East Camden purchased the business. After he remodeled the bar, Mr. Gonzalez re-opened it as the El Bohio Bar and Grill


Jefferson Athletic Association Banquet Program

February 2, 1919

1919 Advertisement from the Jefferson Athletic Association' First Annual Grand Ball Program
1939 Fillmore Street - August 27, 2003