3014 Marlton Pike, Pennsauken
At the intersection of South 27th Street and Marlton Avenue

Just over the city line in Pennsauken, 3014 Marlton Pike was the home of one of the three bars located on Marlton Pike between the Camden city line and Crescent Boulevard.

Long forgotten is the fact that a bar and nightclub occupied this building from the 1930s through the early 1970s. Mrs. Mary Hinkson and family operated the property during the years after Prohibition was repealed, and the property was listed in the November 1936 New Jersey Bell Telephone directory as Hinkson's Dude Ranch. By January of 1938 the bar was known as Rodeo Ray's Dude Ranch, and was run by her son, Raymond Hinkson. The Hinkson family around this time had acquired a property on Crescent Boulevard at 48th Street, where they kept the horses used in the "Dude Ranch" activities. They were there in January of 1940 when the Courier-Post reported on a fire on premises. 

From the 1950s through the 1970s the bar on Marlton Pike was known as Johnny's Tavern, and featured "Seafood - Platters - Luncheons - Delicious Sandwiches". 

By 1977 the building had been converted into a liquor store, and operated as Liquor World into the late 1990s. After Liquor World closed, the building was briefly reopened as a restaurant. 3014 Marlton Pike has stood vacant since 2002.  


June 10, 1060


Johnny's Tavern as it appears in September of 2003

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