1006-1008 North 24th Street

Joseph Wandsleben was known in Cramer Hill as Joe Wandy. Born in Philadelphia on June 10, 1896, he was working as a rubber salesman in 1920. His family later moved to North Camden, where his brother Frank and sister Emma lived at 645 Elm Street. In 1939 Joe Wandy was operating a bar at 721 North 21st Street. The 1943 and 1947 Camden City Directories indicate that he was operating the bar in the 1000 block of North 24th Street. The bar had previously been operated by Adolph Newmeyer, according to the 1931 Camden City Directory.

While the directories from 1931, 1943, and 1947 indicate that the bar stood at 1006-1008 North 24th Street. The property seems to have been sold and rebuilt as a warehouse soon after the 1947 Directory was published. 

Although Joe Wandy and his wife Emma had moved to 1014 North 24th Street, next door to the bar, by 1959, it is unclear at this writing as to whether he was involved in its ownership or management. The bar at 1010-1012 North 24th Street appears in the 1954 and 1956 Bell Telephone Directories Al's Cafe, and in 1959 as Steve's Cafe.  By 1966 1010-1012 North 24th Street was owned by Gus Saccomanno, and was called the Little Tavern, and it went by this name through 1979. The 1982 directory shows the name Gregory's Cafe, by 1985 the bar ceases to be listed in the telephone book.

The bar stands vacant today, the roof having collapsed years ago. 

By 1966 a bar known as The Chateaus was running at 1787 River Road, the former site of the Camden Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. It is unclear as of this writing what. if any, relationship Joe Wandy had with this bar.

Joseph "Joe Wandy" Wandsleben died in August of 1980 at the age of 84. His wife Emma passed away on May 29, 1988, having moved to Pennsauken after her husband's death. 

September 27, 2003
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