949 North 25th Street
Southeast Corner of North 25th & River Avenue

Charles L. Irle Sr. was born in Hatzfeld, Germany in 1849. He came to America in 1870.  By 1888 he had married Sophia Walz, and owned a bakery at 4th and Fulton Streets in the Pavonia section of Stockton Township, more popularly known today as Cramer Hill. This address and building is what became known as 949 North 25th Street. The streets names were changed after 1899 when Stockton Township was merged into Camden. Mr. and Mrs. Irle had three children, Charles L. Jr.,  William E., and Emma. 

Charles Irle was still in the bakery business when the 1906 Camden City Directory was compiled, but soon after converted his building into a saloon. By 1920 Charles Ihrle Sr. owned and was operating the saloon at 949 North 25th Street.  He passed away in 1941. His son, Charles L. Irle later served as clerk for the city Board of Assessment in Camden.

Mrs. Sophia Walz Irles's niece, also names Sophia, married Henry Strahle in 1900. The Strahles eventually settled in Camden, and in 1949 bought the Pavonia House, a saloon and small hotel on the next block, at 948 North 25th Street. The Strahle family operated the Pavonia House for many, many years, through at least 1947. It was also known as Strahle's Cafe during this period.

By 1924 William Hinkson was operating the saloon. After he passed, his wife, Mrs. Mary Hinkson was operating the bar at 949 North 25th Street. She was in charge as early as 1929 and as late as 1931. Mary Hinkson later operated a bar at 3014 Marlton Pike in Pennsauken NJ, at the intersection of South 27th street and Marlton Pike. 

949 North 25th Street was known as Beatty's Grill from late 1930s through at least 1947. In 1939 the licensee was reported to be Edgar H. Beatty. Willard W. Beatty was listed as the proprietor in the 147 Camden City Directory.

By 1959 the Beatty's Grille was known as Juno's Tavern, and operated as such through at least 1966. The bar became Schoell's Tavern by 1970 before changing hands again in the mid 1970s and was known for many years as Crane's Tavern. In the 1990s it became the Old City Brewery Tavern. The Old City Brewery Tavern is presently closed and the building is for sale as of September 2003.

Irle's Saloon

September 27, 2003

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