1627 Norris Street
Northwest Corner of Norris and Sheridan Streets

Stanley J. Wdzieczkowski was operating the bar at 1627 Norris Street as early as June of 1939, when his liquor license was renewed, as reported in the Camden Courier-Post. The bar is listed in the 1940 under the name of John S.  Wdzieczkowski, and in the 1943 and 1947 directories under Stanley J. Wdieczkowski. In 1947 the name Ginger's Tavern was also applied. New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories  from 1954 through 1982 show the name as Ginger's Cafe. Stanley J. Wdzieczkowski was lsited as the proprietors as late as 1964. It is unclear as of this writing how long the Wdzieczkowski family was still involved in the bar after that. 

In 1985 the bar is listed in the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory as the Deja Vu Cafe. It remained opened under this name into the early 1990s. Since then it has been opened intermittently under various names and managements.

Ginger's Cafe - October 5, 2003


Camden Courier-Post
February 24, 1938

Eagles Hall
Washington Street



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