341 Kaighn Avenue
Northwest Corner of South 4th Street and Kaighn Avenue

GEORGE DILMORE SR. operated a saloon at 339-341 Kaighn Avenue, the corner of South 4th Street and Kaighn Avenues in the 1890s and 1910s. He fist appears in Camden City Directories in 1894. Directories indicate that he operated his business at 341 Kaighn Avenue while making his residence at 339 Kaighn. He also operated a bottling business during this period.

In December of 1896 the saloon came to the attention of the police and newspapers when a former policeman patronizing the bar, Daniel Lee, was shot and killed by another patron, Edward Melson. Both men had been drinking at the time. Despite numerous witnesses, Melson was acquitted of the crime when tried in January of 1897, much to the apparent disbelief of Prosecutor Wilson Jenkins, Law Judge G.D.W. Vrooom, and Associate New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Charles Grant Garrison.  

George Dilmore successfully operated his business on Kaighn Avenue through at least 1906. By 1910 he had relocated to 531 Market Street in the heart of downtown Camden, a stone's throw from the Camden County Courthouse, where he remained in business though at least 1914.

The bar at 341 Kaighn Avenue was acquired by the Palese family by 1910.  The building was not used as a bar once Prohibition was enacted. By 1947 Camden Bar and Restaurant Supply was operating at the address. The building still stands today, in use by a non-profit agency in Camden.

One of George Dilmore's sons, William M. Dilmore, served as the City of Camden's Purchasing Agent.

Trenton Evening Times
December 18, 1896

Edward T. Melson
Daniel Lee

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 2, 1897
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Clement H. Haines - John Dangleman - George S. Dilmore 
John "Long John" Gallagher - Jenning's Sixth Regiment Band - Ivy Fife & Drum Corps
George S. Dilmore New Years Association - Fireside New Years Association
J.H. Trainer New Years Association -
Y.M.C.A. - North Camden
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Trenton Evening Times
January 21, 1897

Edward T. Melson
Daniel Lee
Wilson H. Jenkins
Justice Charles Grant Garrison
Judge G.D.W. Vroom

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 5, 1905

George S. Dilmore's Saloon - Charles Fitzsimmons 
Kaighn Avenue - South 4th Street