550 North 27th Street

The Five Fifty Cafe was on North 27th Street in East Camden, just east of the railroad tracks on the way to Cramer Hill. The bar was licensed some time after Prohibition was repealed in 1934. Joseph J. Guetherman was the licensee in 1939. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows the owner as Louise Roth. The bar is not shown in the next directory which I have, which is the 1959 bell telephone directory.

Joseph J. Guetherman was born in Pennsylvania on May 14, 1902. He had married and moved to Camden prior to January of 1926. The 1930 Census shows him as living, with wife Louise and son Joseph Jr. and 1033 Cambridge Avenue in the Cramer Hill section of Camden NJ. At that time Mr. Guetherman was managing a gas station. By 1939 he had acquired the bar.

By 1959 Joseph Guetherman had moved to 401 State Street in Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill) where he lived for many years. He passed away in March of 1982. His son became a doctor, and practiced at 2510 Federal Street in East Camden from the 1950s through at least 1977. Dr. Joseph J. Guetherman made his home in Mt. Laurel NJ. He died in August of 1996 at the age of 70.

The FIVE FIFTY CAFE - September 22, 2003
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