1473 Haddon Avenue

1473 Haddon Avenue was operated as a bar as early as 1910, when William Smith was proprietor. Smith ran the place until May 16, 1922, when he committed suicide prior to being sentenced for possession of one gallon of liquor, having been arrested in a raid two weeks previously. The bar operated under a soft drink license through Prohibition. William Fenimore ran it in 1924, according to that year's City Directory. John Kirk had the place from 1929 through at least 1931. By 1939 the bar was being called the First and Last Chance Cafe. Frank Caromano was licensed at 1473 for that year. Alf McCart is listed as the owner in the 1940 and 1943 City Directories. The 1947 City Directory states that the bar was known as the Last Chance Cafe, and that Chester S. Coack was the proprietor.

The 1956 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory has the bar listed as First and Last Chance Bar & Liquors, and this was the case for all Directories through at least 1982. Ralph Schuldiner owned the bar as early as 1964, until his untimely death in 1972.

The 1985 Directory has the bar listed as Lenny's Pub, however, the 1988 Directory states that the name had reverted back to First and Last Chance Bar & Liquors. The bar was known as Francine's by 1990. It was closed and leased to an outside manager in the very late 1990s, but by 2001 the doors had closed forever.

Camden Evening Courier - May 16, 1922
Arthur Holl

Camden Courier-Post

June 1, 1939

Camden Courier-Post

May 19, 1964

First & Last Chance Bar & Liquors Softball Team - circa 1964
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Top row left to right: Unknown, Joe Gfrorer retired Camden firefighter, Al Colassi (later owned the T and A Cafe on Sheridan Street), Unknown, Unknown. Tom Broccoli (Camden Fire Dept.), Unknown, Joe Broccoli (Camden Fire Department), Unknown
Bottom Row, left to right: Unknown, Unknown, Ralph Schuldiner (in the all-black shirt, who owned the bar), unknown, unknown.

Photo courtesy of Joe Colassi

March 16, 2003

Camden Corier-Post

March 16, 2003

February 22, 2004