800 Fern Street
Southeast Corner of North 8th & Fern Streets

800 Fern Street became a bar at some point prior to 1908, when the Camden City Directory shoes John McGovern as the proprietor. The building had been a boardinghouse in 1887 and the years prior to that, run by Rebecca Smith. The Directories for 1888-1889, 1889-1890, and 1890-1891 shoe that a Dennis O'Leary lived there and operated a grocery store on the premises. 

John McGovern operated his tavern at 800 Fern Street until his death, sometime prior to 1918. His wife Catherine carried on in the business through 1921.. Hugh Reilly was listed as the bar's proprietor in 1931. By 1939 the Clancy family had acquired the bar, and operated it as Clancy's Cafe into the late 1940s. Joseph P. Clancy received the license renewal in June of 1939. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows his brother Daniel J. Clancy as the proprietor.

The Clancy brothers were the sons of Michael and Mary Clancy, who had both emigrated to America from Ireland. At the time of the 1930 Census the Clancy family lived at 540 Grant Street in North Camden, and Michael Clancy, then 66, was still working in one of Camden's lumber yards. Both sons were working for RCA Victor, Joseph as an inspector at the record pressing plant, and Daniel as a clerk in the radio manufacturing facility.

800 Fern Street changed hands at least twice in the 1950s. In 1956 it is listed in the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory as the New Mill Bar & Grill. By 1959 the bar was known as Stew's Bar & Grille.

Veteran bar owner John Anthony, who had operated other bars in Camden and Burlington counties acquired the property in 1963, renaming it the Fern Grille. He sold the bar in 1968. 

The bar at 800 Fern Street is not standing today, another one of Camden's neighborhood bars gone but for the memories.