also known as The Pink Cat
3007 Fenwick Road

Officially "The Fairview Grill Association", the Fairview Gardens, known to Fairview residents for years as The Pink Cat, had a colorfully history before its closure.

The Fairview neighborhood in Camden was originally part of Haddon Township, which was a dry town. Haddon Township ceded Yorkship Village Square and the surrounding neighborhood to Camden in 1918. Before any taverns could be established, the Volstead Act was passed in October of 1919, making the manufacture sale of alcoholic beverages illegal. Prohibition proved wildly unpopular, and Fairview, like most every other neighborhood in America had a speakeasy or two. The Fairview Gardens apparently was one.

The story goes that the Pink Cat started during Prohibition as a speak-easy. During those years it was run by Peter Gondolf, who had served on Camden's Police Force at the time of the 1920 census.  It's clientele included many influential people from the Camden County political arena.  Due in part to this influential clientele, after Prohibition was repealed, Mr. Gondolf and friends organized a private club and acquired an official state liquor license, and "The Fairview Grill Association" was born. Although already known as Fairview Gardens, this name was apparently in use elsewhere in New Jersey, thus the "Grill Association" name. 

It should be noted that Peter Gondolf's brother, Edward Gondolff, was the owner and operator of the Temple Bar & Hotel at 407-409 Market Street in Camden prior to his death in April of 1918.

Peter Gondolf passed away prior to 1946. His widow Marion ran the bar for a time with help from her sons. Richard Gondolf took over operation of the bar in the 1950s, and Marion Gondolf passed on in 1955. When Mr. Gondolf retired, he sold the bar to Vincent and Josephine Canzanese, before passing away in August of 1973. Mrs. Canzanese, know to all as "Granny", lived in the house and ran the bar for many years until she retired. Her sun Arthur "Artie" Canzanese ran the bar until the late 1970s when he, too, retired, turning the bar over to his son, Gregory Canzanese, who ran the bar until its closure. The property now houses a state-run day care center and pre-school. 

Memories of the Pink Cat

As far as I know there was only one bar in Fairview and it was the Fairview Gardens AKA "The Pink Cat" owned by the Canzanese Family. Josephine and Vincent had 3 sons, Artie, Carl and Jr. and they all worked there. She also had a daughter Elaine Canzanese Miller that helped out at the bar and kitchen. 

I had two bar stools from the "Cat" in my basement on Congress Road. I guess they are still there from when I sold the house. I spent a lot of time in the "Cat's" kitchen and learned how to cook Spaghetti and Crabs from Mrs. Josephine Canzanese.  My husband, Mike Hayney, had his bachelor party there and they threw me a baby shower for Patrick Hayney in the back room. I have fond memories from the "Cat" and still have some of the cooking utensils from when they closed it down. Elaine Miller is still one of my best friends and lives on the East Coast of Florida and was just over to this side of Florida to visit me in June.   

Dolores Hayney aka Lady D (~.~), August 2003

"The Pink Cat"  has a lot of memories for even us younger guys...  from 1978 (when I was 18) to about 1987 (when my brother John was 21) ... "The Cat" was on its way down though... But, we still had great times there...  

Vince, August 2003

Hi, I got this email from my friend, Elaine Miller, that is a member of Yorkship. Her family owned the "Pink Cat" or Fairview Gardens on Fenwick Road. It is below

Elaine writes: 

          The Cat was a 2 car garage when my grandfather bought it. The story about Pete Gondolf having a speak easy is right. What he did was have meetings in the basement in the big house, we always wondered why there was a toilet down there, which no one had in those days. Then he formed a private club. From that he went over to the garage and then I guess the politics kicked in. He was a detective and did some things (I understand). When they decided to incorporate the business, Newark said Fairview Garden was already taken, hence the Fairview Grille, Inc. But my Dad named it the Fairview Garden, not Pete. It was called the Newton Inn, according to Bob. He should know, living next door. I probably have lots of paper work on it. My father's secretary  desk is at Julie's and Henry asked if we would leave all the papers in the drawers. So I bet there is a bunch of info in that desk.

The above is some info on the "Pink Cat" right from the family of the owners.

Dolores Hayney aka Lady D (~.~), November 2003


The Anthony Brothers at the Pink Cat Little Artie at the Pink Cat
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