1445 Haddon Avenue

Emil Muckensturm was in the bar business in Camden as far back as 1906, when the City Directory for that year shows him operating a saloon at 1473 Haddon Avenue. He had been operating a bar with his wife Elizabeth in South Philadelphia at 1912 South 4th Street a few years before that. Sadly Elizabeth Muckensturm passed away sometime thereafter, leaving him with two children, Elizabeth and Emil Jr.  

Emil Muckensturm was still 1473 Haddon Avenue as late as the summer of 1910. By this time he was again married, to the former Ruth E. Dansenbaker. By 1914 he had moved his business to 1445 Haddon Avenue, and painted his name on the north wall. The words "Emil Muckensturm Saloon" can still be read in 2007. Emil Muckensturm's Saloon. Emil Muckensturm died in 1925.

When Prohibition was repealed, the bar opened back up for full service. The bar was operated by Emil Muckensturm's wife Ruth. Her grand-daughter Dorothy and her husband, Alfred Chapman, operated it as Chapman's Cafe through the late 1970s. It has been known as Charley's Place since the 1990s. 

Emil Muckensturm Jr. operated other bars in Camden and South Jersey in the 1930s, including the Parkside Grill on Kaighn Avenue, and the Kingsway tavern in Mopunt Ephraim. 

1445 Haddon Avenue - March 16, 2003
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1445 Haddon Avenue

March 16, 2003

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Haddon Avenue

March 16, 2003

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Camden Morning Post
October 20, 1933

Harry Yellin - Garfield Pancoast
Clarence Arthur - Clifford Del Rossi Benjamin Simon - Thomas Kauffman 
South 2nd Street - South 4th Street
South 7th Street - Broadway - Clinton Street
Delaware Avenue - Everett Street  
Haddon Avenue
- Kaighn Avenue
Market Street - Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Mt. Vernon Street - Pine Street
Royden Street - Walnut Street
Whitman Avenue
Emil Muckensturm's Saloon
Parkside Grill - Thompson's Grille


Camden Courier-Post - June 1, 1933


Wenonah, May 31- Merritt Hutton Hursh of Glenolden, Winfred J. Shewell of Narberth, and Edgar Tomlison of Merchantville have been selected by Major L. L. Lammert, headmaster of Wenonah Military Academy, as honor speakers for the commencement program on June 9. The cadets will vie for the annual academy prize. Hursh recently was sleeted for the West Point Military Academy appointment.

Promotions within the past week in the cadet battalion by Colonel Stan­ley R. Putnam were: Corporals, Emil Muckensturm of Camden and Joseph Zebly of Lewisburg, Pa.; first class privates, Raymond Di Marco, Haddonfield and George Miller, Philadelphia. 

The cadet band furnished music yesterday at the Egg Harbor Memorial Day exercises. After the parade the band members were guests at a dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. George Senn, whose son, Robert, is one of the musicians.

Mary Louise Allen, of Bridgeton, South Jersey 'Blossom Time Queen’ and committee presented a silver plaque Sunday afternoon at a special ceremony witnessed by more than 1000 persons, the largest gathering this year at Wenonah. The token was given for the best appearance of military units in the Bridgeton celebration, several weeks ago and as official escort to Miss Allen. Cadet Major Manual Frome received the gift in behalf of the academy. Capt. Fred Patten and his musicians gave a half-hour concert before the presentation. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 12, 1938


A hearing before Mt. Ephraim borough commission was scheduled for 10 a. m. today for Emil Muckenstrum, operator of the Kingsway Tavern, on charges preferred by State A.B.C. agents that he kept his bar open and sold beer until 3.30 a. m., Sunday, January 9, in violation of the 2 a. m. closing ordinance.  


May 3, 1942

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