2360 Broadway

Dave's Grill, at 2360 Broadway, the corner of Broadway and Gordon Terrace,  and the Hi Step Hotel, at 2366 Broadway, were two bars located opposite the New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyard, in the Terraces section of Camden, along Broadway between the Bulson Street "hump" and Morgan Boulevard. In 1947 there were also three restaurants in this section, serving the shipyard workers and the immediate neighborhood.

2360 Broadway was a grocery in 1929, operated by a Jacob Lipkin. By June of 1933, David Plasky, who had previously operated an automobile battery business at 324 North 7th Street and lived at 1512 Bradley Avenue in Parkside, acquired the property, with the intent of opening a bar. When Prohibition was repealed in June of 1933, David Plasky obtained a beer license

Dave's Grill survived into the 1960s. David Plasky later made his home at 2613 Baird Boulevard in East Camden, passed away in May of 1964, aged 60. His family continued to operate the bar through at least the middle of 1967. New York Shipbuilding Corporation closed the shipyard that year, and that probably spelled the end of Dave's Grill as well. By 1990 the building at 2360 Broadway was gone, and the entire block was razed around 2001. 

Camden Courier-Post - April 11, 1950
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