9 South 3rd Street

In the 1888-1889 Camden City Directory, 9 South 3rd Street was the home of Hong Sing's Chinese laundry. The 1890-1891 Directory shows that a Patrick McBride had opened a dining establishment at the address. 

By 1918 there were two bars existing side-by-side at 9 and 11 South 3rd Street. Mrs. Mary Campbell was the proprietor of 9 South 3rd at that time, and appears as the owner in the Camden City Directories through 1929. Her son, Raymond Campbell, lived with her at the bar at the time of the 1920 census. Also at home was her grandson, Edward Campbell, then 15. 

No Directory was published in 1930, but in April of that year Raymond Campbell, then 44 and divorced, was living at 233 Taylor Avenue, a short walk from the bar. He was the owner of the bar at that time, and also appears as such in the 1931 Directory. 

By 1939 the bar appears to have changed hands. James Fleming appears in the Camden Courier-Post in June of 1939 when he was issued a liquor license renewal. The bar was still known as Chic Campbell's Cafe, and still had that name in 1947 according to the City Directory of that year. The proprietor was then listed as Albert E. Ford. Albert Ford lived at 450 Haddon Avenue in Collingswood in that year and was still there as late as 1959. The bar appears in the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory of that year as Campbell's Tavern.  By 1966 the bar no longer appeared in the phone book, and the Ford family was no longer in the phone book by 1970.