1426 Mount Ephraim Avenue
Southeast corner of Mt. Ephraim Avenue and Atlantic Avenue

BRUNO'S CAFE & RESTAURANT, which stood on the corner of Mt. Ephraim Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, was a popular eating spot in Camden for over 55 years, benefiting greatly from its location across the street from West Jersey Hospital. The business was founded in January of 1925 by Bronislaw "Bruno" Bubnoski and his wife, the former Anna Kazula, and later run by their son Zenon Bubnoski, who was born on premises.

According to City Directories, 1426 Mt. Ephraim Avenue building operated as a bar as far back as 1899, when Charles Ihlenfeld was listed as the proprietor. He was licensed at that location in 1899 and 1900. Beginning in 1903 and through 1910 Samuel T. Wimley, who had previously had a saloon on Ferry Avenue at Broadway, operated the establishment. William Laskowski was the next to trade out of this address, from 1911 to 1915. The 1916 City Directory shows William Papiernik in business there, he remained through 1922 and was succeeded by Charles S. Urban, who operated the business as Farmer's Hotel. Papiernik died on January 13, 1924, and his leaving the business may have been health related.

As stated below, Bruno and Anna Bubnoski began operating at Mt. Ephraim Avenue and Atlantic Avenues in January of 1925, acquiring the property from the John F. Betz & Son, Inc. brewery of Philadelphia. John F. Betz, who died in 1908, had come to Philadelphia in 1867 from New York, where he had been brewing for fourteen years. He took a job at the Gaul Brewery until purchasing it in 1880. Besides the brewery, John F. Betz became very active in real estate market in the city, and the Betz family may well have held title to 1426 Mt. Ephraim Avenue for many years prior to selling to the Bubnoskis, leasing the building to those who wanted to conduct business there. According to City Directories, the Bubnoski's operated the business as the Atlantic Hotel though at least 1931, before adopting the Bruno's Cafe name. Bruno Bubnoski passed away on August 11, 1961. 

Bruno's Cafe and Restaurant closed in June of 1979. By 1985 the bar was known as City Lights. The building and all other structure on the east side of Mt. Ephraim Avenue from Atlantic Avenue through Lansdowne Avenue were razed around 2000 to make room for a Rite-Aid Drug Store

In the 1940s, daughter Henrietta Bubnoski worked as a bookkeeper for the Camden County Beverage Company, which brewed Camden Beer at the brewery at South 6th Street and Bulson Street.

Bruno's - Photo from Spring of 1973

Bronislaw "Bruno" Bubnoski

Bruno's - Photo from Spring of 1973

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