also known as the
Red Anchor Bar & Liquor Store
and as the Anchorage Bar & Liquor Store
3125 River Road

The bar at 3125 River Road was operating as early as 1936, when Alfred Ray Munyan was trading at the address. The 1936 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory shows Mrs. Akfered R. Munyan next door at 3127 River Road. Mr. Munyan was still operating the bar in October of 1939 when it was reported in the Camden Evening Courier (the evening edition of the Courier-Post) that he had withdrawn an application to relocate his bar to 3425 River Road.

The 1943 Camden City Directory lists George W. Starr as the proprietor. By the time the next Directory was published, in 1947, 3125-3127 River Road was known as the Red Anchor Bar & Liquor Store. According to the Benjamin Friedman and Martin Zonies were the proprietors, and the two partners lived in on-premises apartments with their wives, Jean and Marion. This was the last City Directory published. New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories list the address of the bar as 3125 River Road. 

Friedman and Zonies remained partners through at least 1956, when the New Jersey Bell Telephone showed the the business was called the Anchorage Bar & Liquor Store. The business carried on under this name through 1964. The New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories from 1966 through 1982 show 3125 River Road as the Anchor Bar and Liquor Store.  

The Anchor Bar & Liquor Store closed at some point after 1982. As of November 2003, the building is the home of Pronto Envios, a business that caters to the Hispanic population that has settled in Cramer Hill and East Camden.

Camden Courier-Post

October 28, 1936

3125 River Road - November 2, 2003

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