1010-1012 North 24th Street

The 1947 Camden City Directory indicates that a bar at 1006-1008 North 24th Street was called Joe Wandy's Chateau. The bar had previously only occupied 1008 and was operated by Adolph Newmeyer, according to the 1931 Camden City Directory, and Hugo Stettnisch, according to the 1929 edition.

The bar seems to have been taken down and rebuilt on an adjacent lot, as by 1956 records show it to be located at 1012 North 24th Street. It would appear that the owners of the Crescent Beverage Company bought the property and built a new warehouse adjoining their building on River Road. The photograph below attests to the more recent construction.

The bar appears in the 1954 and 1956 Bell Telephone Directories as Al's Cafe, and in 1959 as Steve's Cafe.  By 1964 1010-1012 North 24th Street was called the Little Tavern, and it went by this name through 1979. The Little Tavern was owned by Gus Saccomanno, who owned and operated Saccomanno's Barber Shop at 26th and River Road. Gus Saccomanno's father Nicola Saccomanno, ran barber shop on Federal Street for 46 years, until his passing in 1950.

The 1982 directory shows the name Gregory's Cafe, by 1985 the bar ceases to be listed in the telephone book.

The bar stands vacant today, the roof having collapsed years ago. 

AL'S CAFE at 1010-1012 North 24th Street 
September 27, 2003
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