1800 Fillmore Street
(Southeast Corner of Ferry Avenue & Fillmore Street)

Alexander Shusko operated a tavern at 1800 Fillmore Street in Camden NJ in the late 1940s.

Alexander Shusko was born in Poland on May 1, 1894. By 1930 he was married and living in Camden NJ, where his wife Anna had given birth to a son, Raymond, in 1928. Alex Shusko was operating the bar at 1800 Fillmore in the late 1940s. A neighboring family was the Titus family, who lived at 1802 and later at 1810 Fillmore Street. Their son Alfred C. Titus was killed in action while serving with the army in July of 1944.

After selling the bar, he moved around the corner, to 1831 South 6th Street, where he remained through 1959. Alex Shusko passed away in September of 1962. 

By 1959 the bar was bar called Steve's Tavern, and it operated under that name through 1979. The 1980 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory list's the building as the  Sanchez Bar. By the 1990s the building had been converted into  a private residence. It remained as such until the summer of 2003, when a fire forced its residents out. 

1800 & 1802
Fillmore Street

December 2002

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1800 Fillmore Street on August 27, 2003
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