aka West Jersey-Parkside Trust Company
Haddon & Kaighn Avenues

The Parkside Trust Company was incorporated on November 6, 1917. Granted a certificate to begin banking operations, the Parkside Trust opened for business on January 12, 1918 on Haddon Avenue, below Kaighn Avenue. Alfred L. Sayers was the bank's first president, J. Hartley Bowen served as secretary and treasurer. William C. Davis was on the Board of Directors, and Albert S. Woodruff served as the bank's solicitor.

The cornerstone of the $200,000 building of the Parkside Trust Company Haddon and Kaighn Avenues was laid August 21, 1925. The new bank was opened to the public on March 12, 1926. 

On May 16, 1927 a merger was effected between the West Jersey Trust Company and the Parkside Title and Trust Company, the new bank to be known as the West Jersey-Parkside Trust Company.  Congressman Francis Ford Patterson Jr. was the first president of the combined banks, he had previously owned the Camden Post-Telegram for many years. Walter J. Staats, then a vice president of the Victor Talking Machine Company, was one of the directors of the new bank. 

The West Jersey Trust Company had been established April 2, 1906 at Third and Market Streets. Its  first President was Norman Grey. The Fairview office of the West Jersey-Parkside Trust Company was opened November 1, 1927. The West Jersey-Parkside Trust was still operating as late as October of 1936.

The Parkside-West Jersey Trust Company was gone by the mid-1940s. The building has been gone for many years, and has been the site of a coffee shop called the Donut Queen since about 1980.. 

Camden Courier-Post - July 5, 1926


Camden Courier-Post - July 5, 1926

Camden Courier-Post - July 5, 1926

Camden High School Purple & Gold Yearbook
January 1932