W. Elwood


WILLIAM ELWOOD CAMPBELL was born in Pennsylvania in April of 1850, according to the 1900 Census. He generally went by his middle name, City Directories often listed him as "W. Elwood Campbell", and Fire Department records list him simply as "Elwood Campbell". He married his wife Sarah in 1873. A printer by trade, he was living in Camden by 1878, at 209 Bridge Avenue.

Elwood Campbell next appears in Camden City Directories in 1882. He was living at 201 Market Street and working as a printer for Henry L. Bonsall. The 1883-1884 Directory states that he had moved to Burlington but was working in Camden as a printer with the Camden Daily Post newspaper. He is listed in the 1884-1885 Directory as a collector, "removed to Burlington". Elwood Campbell is not listed in the 1885 City Directory.

Elwood Campbell appears to have moved back to Camden shortly after the 1885 City Directory was compiled. The 1887-1888 Camden City Directory shows that he had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department and was living at 574 Line Street. He moved around the corner to 585 Pine Street prior to the compilation of the 1888-1889 Directory.  Elwood Campbell was still active with the Camden Fire Department in 1889.

When the 1890-1891 City Directory was compiled Elwood Campbell had gone back to work as a printer. He stayed at 585 Pine Street through 1894. He appears to again have left Camden for a time, as he is not listed in City Directories from 1895 through 1897. By 1898 he had returned to the city, taking up residence at 927 South 5th Street. The 1899 City Directory and the 1900 Census show him living at 509 North 3rd Street with his wife Sarah, son Charles H. Campbell, 23, and widowed mother Elizabeth. By 1906 he had moved to 415 Pine Street. The 1910 Census shows Elwood Campbell, his wife and mother at 610 Line Street. He was by this time working as a watchman for the either the Reading or Pennsylvania Railroads. He was still a watchman and living at 610 Line Street with his wife when the 1918-1919 City Directory was being assembled. He appears to have passed away in 1919.