WILLIAM JEFFREYS was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as an extra man with Engine Company 1, on July 1, 1876 to fill the position of William Woodfall. William Jeffreys was not re-appointed the following April. He was replaced by Asa Borton.

According to Camden Fire Department records, William Jeffreys was living at 426 Walnut Street during his time with the Fire Department. 

Available records as to who William Jeffreys was are inconclusive. The 1878 Camden City Directory lists a William Jefferis, who worked as a "gold beater", at 534 South 5th Street. He lived at 408 Cherry Street, and at 441 Kaighn Avenue when the 1880 Census was taken. His father, John V. Jefferis, was a hatter. William Jefferis was 26 at the time of the census, therefore, he was the right age, about 22 in April of 1876, and living near enough to the Engine Company 1 firehouse at 409 Pine Street in 1878, 1879, and 1880 for one to conclude that he may well have been the "William Jeffreys" who served with the Fire Department. It is a matter of fact that there were several spelling inconsistencies in the names recorded of Fire Department personnel in the years 1869 through 1890.

The 1883-1884 Camden City Directory states that William Jefferis was living at 422 Liberty Street and working as a gold beater in Philadelphia. The 1884-1885 edition shows him at 435 Liberty Street, still working as a gold beater in Philadelphia. He is not listed in the 1885 City Directory, however the 1887-1888 Directory shows Kate Jeffries "seamstress, widow of William" at 446 Kaighn Avenue.