WILLIAM H. CORSON was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 8, 1876 as an extra man, taking the place of Jacob App with Engine Company 2. William Corson worked as shoemaker prior to his appointment to the Fire Department. William Corson was removed from service on June 6, 1876 and was replaced by George Osler

William H. Carson was born in Pennsylvania in December of 1844 to Jacob Corson,  a shoemaker, and his wife, the former Mary Strickland. Besides William the family included brothers Charles and Benjamin Corson, and a sister, Anna P. Corson. William H. Corson married Ella Ellen Johnson in Camden, New Jersey on October 15, 1866. When the Census was taken in 1870, William H. Corson, his wife and three year-old daughter Anna lived with his father in what was then Newton Township, most likely in the neighborhood of what is known in modern times as South 9th Street and Van Hook Street. Other children would follow, Ella, Eliza, Lydia, May (1877-1882), William (1880-1884), May 1882, William H. Jr. (1884-1916), Nell, Eloise in 1886, and Dorothea in 1887. 

As stated above, William H. Corson was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man in April of 1876, and served for three months. William Corson remained in the same neighborhood as late as 1887. City Directories for the years leading up to 1894 do not give a precise address, merely "9th near Van Hook", for example. The 1888-1889 City Directory shows that William H. Corson had moved to 1722 South 6th Street. The 1890-1891 edition shows an address of 1724 South 6th Street and a new job, that of bookkeeper with the P&R.R.R., that is, the Pennsylvania & Reading Railroad. As the 1891-1892 gives his address as 1722 South 6th Street, it is likely that the 1724 South 6th Street entry from the previous year was an error. William H. Corson and family moved around in the same general neighborhood for the next several years. He worked alternately as a clerk and in the insurance business. The 1894-1895 and 1895-1896 Directories list him at 569 Van Hook Street.  In 1896 he lived at 1709 Ferry Avenue, in 1897 and 1898 William Corson is listed at 1714 Master Street.  From 1899 through at least 1906 the Corsons resided at 1640 South 6th Street. By 1906 William H. Corson had moved to 1714 Ferry Avenue. He would remain at this address through January of 1920. The Census if 1920 shows that he was working as a watchman at a woolen mill, logic dictates that it would have been the nearby Howland Croft & Sons mill on Broadway at Viola Street. William H. Corson and his wife were living with their daughter Dorothea and her husband, Charles Suders. The Corsons and the Suders moved to 569 Clinton Street shortly after the 1920 Census, and were still there when the 1929 Camden City Directory was compiled. William H. Corson passed away in 1929.

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 12, 1899
William L. Hurley - W. Penn Corson