WILLIAM ALCOTT was born in New Jersey around 1848. He was the son of Logan Alcott and his wife, the former Elizabeth Ann Bodine. The Alcotts were living in Camden as early as 1854. Logan Alcott was one of the founding stewards of Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church.

The Alcott family was living at 440 West Street in 1864. By the following year they had moved to 425 West Street. When the Census was taken in 1870, the Alcott family consisted of William, his parents, and siblings Emeline, Daniel, Mary, Nicholas, and Charles Alcott. The Alcotts lived next door to Micijah and Emeline Bates. Emeline Bates and Elizabeth Alcott were sisters. Two sons of Micijah and Emeline, George W. Bates (a charter member) and Logan Bates,  served as members of the Camden Fire Department, as did William Alcott's younger brother Charles Alcott. Logan Alcott was in the coal business, and William went into the business with his father.

William Alcott was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in September of 1871 to replace Benjamin H. Connelly as an extra man with Engine Company 2, who was removed from service September 5, 1871. As stated above, William Alcott was a coal merchant. When appointed to the Fire Department he was making his home at 435 South 5th Street. William Alcott was promoted to Driver of the Hook and Ladder Company (known today as Ladder Company 1) on June 14, 1873, replacing William Young, who had resigned that day. 

Logan Alcott died on April 30, 1874. William Alcott remained in service with the Camden Fire Department until his death on November 4, 1874. He was still making his home at 435 South 5th Street when he passed, and his mother and siblings would continue to reside there for some time after his passing.