VINCENT G. ORME was born in Camden, New Jersey on June 9, 1929 to Clara and Vincent Orme. By April of 1930 the Orme family, which included siblings Lena and Anthony Orme Jr., had moved to 1826 South 4th Street in Camden, New Jersey. The elder Orme worked as a shoemaker to support his family. By 1943 the family had moved to 231 Berkley Street.

Vincent Orme enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on March 12, 1947 and served for three years. He retuned to Camden, and worked for one year at the Howland Croft & Son textile mill on Broadway, then found employment as a salesman with the local International Harvester franchise, where he worked for four years.

On January 13, 1951 Vincent Orme's older brother Anthony
was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. Vincent Orme joined him, beginning his service on May 16, 1956. He was then living at 224 North 37th Street in East Camden.

In September of 1967 Vincent Orme was promoted to captain, and served with Engine Company 7 on Kaighn Avenue. On March 25, 1985 was appointed Assistant Chief Fire Marshall, a post he served in for the rest of his career. After having served the City of Camden for 34 years, Vincent G. Orme retired on June 1, 1990.

Last a resident of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Vincent Orme passed away at the age of 85 on June 23, 2014. He was survived by his sons, Vincent M. Orme and Jeffrey Guadagno, and his companion, Francina Still.

The Miracle of Easter - March 30, 1970


Manpower of two Engine Companies get big line into service and give fire "a dash" from the street before attempting interior attack at Fourth Alarm, North 6th & Penn Streets, March 30, 1970.

Fourth Alarm for fire and collapse at electronics supply house, North 6th & Penn Streets, center city in March 1970. Scene depicts exterior operations at height of fire as heavy smoke vents from building. Roof and top floor of building collapsed trapping members of Engine Company 1

Members access basement and prepare to advance handline through sidewalk cellar doors during overhaul at Fourth Alarm, North 6th & Penn Streets- 3-30-1970

All hands anxiously await their turn on the inside during rescue operations following collapse of fire building on Easter Monday, March 1970. At time of collapse Engine 1 was operating handline on second floor while overhauling. Without warning roof and second floor pancaked into first floor and basement. Captain Phillip Maycott and Fire Fighters Alston, DeHart, Maroldo and Winters were buried amid tons of rubble. All members managed to extricate themselves except for "the Officer and the Probie".

Removed from ruins of collapse is Probationary Fire Fighter John Maroldo. Maroldo narrowly escaping certain death after being entombed for over an hour is seen shouting at members to "find my captain". 

Captain Vincent Orme, Engine Company 7 reassures Maroldo that continuing rescue operations are underway.

Captain Maycott as last member removed from collapse is carried to waiting ambulance. Units at scene breached walls and performed tunneling and shoring operations to reach trapped members. Both Maycott and Maroldo miraculously escaped with just bruises and sprains. Remaining members of Engine 1 were treated for cuts and scrapes following near catastrophe on March 30, 1970.


Camden Courier-Post * June 27, 2014

Vincent G. Orme (1929 - 2014)
AGE: 85 Years Cherry Hill

Passed away on June 23, 2014. Formerly of Camden. Devoted father of Vincent M. Orme and Jeffrey Guadagno. Loving grandfather of 3. Beloved friend and companion of Francina Still. 

Prior to retirement, Mr. Orme was employed with the City of Camden as the Assistant Chief Fire Marshall. He was also a United States Marine Veteran.

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