Fisher Jr.

SAMUEL E. FISHER JR. was born in Camden, New Jersey around 1941 to Samuel E. Fisher and his wife the former Josephine Huff. When the Census was taken in 1940, Samuel Fisher had wed. He and his wife, the former Josephine Huff, were boarding at 760 Sycamore Street, the home of  John and Willamae Evans. Samuel Fisher was then working at a cigar factory, very likely that at South Sixth and Mechanic Street. Samuel E. Fisher was still working at the cigar factory when he inducted into the United States Army in Camden on February 16, 1943. Son Samuel E. Fisher had already been born, and Josephine Fisher was then carrying son Linwood Fisher, who would arrive in September of 1943.

Returning from returning from the Army, Samuel Fisher rejoined his family in Camden. The 1947 City Directory shows the family living at 115 Branch Village. Samuel E. Fisher Sr. began service with the Camden Fire Department, at Engine Company 1, 409 Pine Street. The Fishers were living at 1820 South 10th Street in the mid and as late as February of 1959. By 1960 the family had moved to 1620 Kolo Street.

Samuel E. Fisher Sr. graduated from Camden High School in 1936, where he was a star basketball player. Known as "Joe-Boy" to friends and family, Samuel E.  Fisher Jr., followed his father to Camden High School and the basketball court. He was a vital part of the 1959 and 1960 Camden High School basketball teams that went undefeated and won consecutive state titles in those years. He graduated from Camden High School in 1950. Samuel E. Fisher Jr. also followed his father into the Camden Fire Department. He apparently retired on disability in the 1970s.

Younger brother Linwood Fisher served in the United States Army from January 1, 1965 to January 1, 1967, then returned to civilian life in Camden. He was one of the seven men who passed the Civil Service test in 1967. Linwood Fisher joined his brother on the Fire Department on January 5, 1968, and retired on May 1, 2001. 

Samuel Fisher Jr. died suddenly at West Jersey Hospital on February 27, 1995. He was survived by his wife Dolores and daughter Robyn.

Camden High School Purple & Gold Yearbook - 1960

Front: Charles Maddox - Thomas Ashley - Steven Schley
Ralph Heath - John Jobes - Golden Sunkett
Rear: Robert Licketto - Frank Stevens - Reginald Hammond
Coach Anthony Alfano - Ronald "Itchy" Smith - Samuel Fisher - Preston Hayes.

Camden High School Purple & Gold Yearbook - 1960

Camden Courier-Post * June 8, 1968

James McDevitt - Edith McDevitt - North Front Street - Admiral Wilson Boulevard
Joseph Wolfinger - John Brzozowski - Samuel Fisher Jr. - Ladder Company 1 - Ladder Company 2
Engine Company 2 - Engine Company 6

Camden Courier-Post
March 1, 1995