Rocco and Lillian Nasuti

ROCCO JOHN NASUTI was born in New Jersey on July 7, 1925, the youngest of nine children born to Vincenzo "James Nasuti and his wife Antoinette. He attended Camden public schools, and was a student at Woodrow Wilson High School for two years. He was also well known as a standout baseball player. His family appears in the 1929 Camden City Directory and 1930 Federal Census at 791 East State Street. By 1942 the family had moved to 25 North 25th Street in East Camden.

On September 29, 1943 Rocco Nasuti was inducted into the United States Army at Camden. He was assigned to the 3rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron. After training at Camp Gordon GA, his unit shipped out for England in July of 1944 as a component of the 3rd Cavalry Group (Mechanized). After disembarkation in England on July 14th, his unit prepared for combat. The 3rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron landed in France

 on August 9, 1944 and was committed to combat the following day near Le Mans, France. Rocco Nasuti's unit was used as infantry during he assault on Fort Driant at Metz, the reunited with its parent unit in mid-October. The 3rd Cavalry crossed into Germany in late November, taking part in the crossing of the Rhine and then pushing on towards Austria, crossing that border on May 4, 1945 . During his time overseas, Rocco Nasuti was wounded in the leg, earning him the Purple Heart.

After returning to civilian life, Rocco Nasuti worked briefly for the Hollingshead Company before securing an apprenticeship as a carpenter with the Pennsylvania Railroad, where he worked for many years. In 1949 he married Lillian Baker. The couple would soon move to 3318 Remington Street in East Camden, and were blessed with three children, Gary, Glenn, and Gail.

In 1956 at the behest of his brother-in-law Bill Flemming, Rocco Nasuti became involved with the Cramer Hill Boys Club, where he coached youth sports. Sadly, he died in April of 1968, three months short of his 43rd birthday.

Rocco Nasuti

Left: in yard at 25 North 25th Street

Below: Rocc Nasuti In the Army. 
Photos taken between
November of 1943 and June of 1944


Rocco Nasuti

At Elkton, Md.

Rocco J. Nasuti
LIllian Baker

Camden Courier-Post
November 17, 1949

Rocco and Lillian Nasuti

Antoinetta and Vincenzo Nasuti
standing proudly at staircase
that their son Rocco Nasuti
handcrafted for them
North 25th Street.

Rocco Nasuti
Rocco Nasuti & his sons, Gary & Glenn
about 1958
Remington Street

Gary & Glenn Nasuti
in the front yard of
Remington Street

Behind the boys and across the street
Remington Street

3303 Remington Street
can be seen at the far left

The row homes
in the photo at the bottom left
are 627, 629, 631, and 633
North 34th Street


East Camden News * Thursday, February 19, 1959

Quiet Man Lends Helping Hand in Sports

Our Man of the Week is a tall, likeable quiet type fellow, with a quick pleasant smile and a desire to help his fellow man­ his name, Rock Nasuti.

Born in Camden of a large Italian family, being the last of a family of nine, Rock is a product of the Camden schools and attended Woodrow Wilson High.

While he didn't participate in sports at Woodrow Wilson, he did play plenty of his favorite sport, baseball, around the local sand­lots .

 After he finished high school Rock entered the Army with the 3rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron. He was shipped overseas after his training at Fort Dix. He was engaged in combat in Central Europe, Northern France and Rhineland, and was awarded a Purple Heart as the result of a leg wound.

Nasuti received his discharge in 1946 and was employed for a short period with Hollingshead Co. He then was employed as a carpenter's apprentice with the Pennsylvania Railroad, where he is still employed as a carpenter.

Rock married Lillian Baker in build­1949, and the Nasutis are now four, including Gary, aged six, and Glenn, two.        

After some convincing of his brother-in-law, Bill Flemming, Rock joined the Cramer Hill Boys Club in 1956 and became active as Flemming's coach of the Robin teams of 1956 and 1957. Each ­year the Robins were champions of the Little League.

While Rock is the type of fellow who weighs his words at club meetings he never hesitates in assisting on committees. In 1958 he was co-chairman of the fair committee, chairman of the football refreshment stand in 1958, chairman of our 1958 Christmas party, co-chairman of our 5th annual birthday party, and assisted on fund drives, and Little League committees.

 Rock makes plenty of noise on the bowling alleys, rolling a 175 average with the PRR team.

Rocco Nasuti
with (left to right) Gary, Gail, & Glenn
Rocco Nasuti & Gail


children and grandchildren
in the kitchen
25 North 25th Street

Antoinette Nasuti
seated at the table

Rocco, Glenn, Gary, Gail, & Lillian Nasuti
Lillian Gary, Glenn Rocco & Gail Nasuti