RICHARD HENRY REEVE was born in Alloway, Salem County NJ on October 5, 1840. His grandfather was William Cooper, who operated the ferry at Cooper's Point, one of the first ferries between Camden and Philadelphia.

Richard H. Reeve came to Camden in 1868, and with his cousin Benjamin H. Reeve established a floor oil cloth manufacturing business that was one of Camden's leading industries in the 19th century. Their firm, R.H. & B.C. Reeve, also known as the Camden Oil Cloth Works, with its factory complex on Pine Street east of Haddon Avenue, was nationally known in its day. Richard H. Reeve's brother Augustus Reeve also came to Camden, and made his fortune in the brick manufacturing business. 

Richard H. Reeve retired from the oil cloth business in 1892, but remained active ion the civic life of Camden NJ. He was a trustee of Cooper Hospital, and as of 1897 had been the Treasurer and Secretary of that institution for nine years. He was also the Treasurer and was on the Board of Managers of the Camden Dispensary, and was the Treasurer of the Cooper Estate.  

The Camden Oil Cloth Works was acquired by the Farr & Bailey Company, which had also been in the oil cloth manufacturing business, in 1902. By 1928 the Pine Street complex was subdivided, and different business operated there over the years. The three-story tall storage building at 1350 Pine Street, last used to store waste paper, was destroyed by fire on may 8, 1972.

Richard H. Reeve and his family made their home at 700 Cooper Street in Camden, near his cousin Benjamin, who lived at 640 Cooper. Richard H. Reeve passed away on February 10, 1917, survived by his daughters Alice and Hannah. 



Camden Oil Cloth Works - 1892

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 1, 1906

Dr. H. Genet Taylor - Dr. Paul H. Markley
Richard H. Reeve - Augustus Reeve
Watson Depuy - Howard M. Cooper
Alexander C. Wood - Ephraim Tomlinson
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Rev. R.E. Brestell
Cooper Street - Peter V. Voorhees


Philadelphia Inquirer
February 11, 1917

Benjamin C. Reeve - Augustus Reeve