Reverend Augustus D.
Whitney Jr.


REVEREND AUGUSTUS D. WHITNEY JR. was born in Pennsylvania on November 29, 1903. He married at age 20, and by April of 1930 the Whitneys had three children, Augustus III, Paul, and John. He was by this time an ordained Presbyterian minister. The family lived at 5024 Griscom Street in Philadelphia PA.

Early in 1931 Rev. Whitney took over the pulpit of Camden's First Presbyterian Church, a post which he held well into the 1940s. Tragedy struck the family when eldest son Augustus D. Whitney III, an honor student at Camden High School, was killed in action while serving with the United States Marine Corps on Iwo Jima in February of 1945.

Reverend Whitney was last a resident of Moorestown NJ. he passed away on December 12, 1990.


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Camden Courier-Post - October 21,1931

Church Orders Probe Of 'Scandal Mongering'
In Whitney's Parish

Presbytery Appoints Commission of Seven at Pastor's Request
Verdict on 'Vile Rumors' Will Be Given in November

A judicial commission of the West Jersey Presbytery, comprising four ministers and three elders, was appointed late yesterday to investigate the "vile rumors" against Rev. Augustus Dwight Whitney, Jr., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Fifth and Penn Streets.

Appointment was made by Rev. Robert Hugh Morris, of Haddonfield, moderator of the Presbytery, at the request of Rev. Whitney.

Rev. Robert Hugh Morris

The Presbytery, which is in session with the New Jersey Synod at Atlantic City, authorized the commission to investigate the gossip which the Camden pastor claims has disturbed the peace of himself and his parishioners. The investigators will report their findings at the next meeting of the Presbytery at Atlantic City on November 17.

Pastor Explains Rumors

Rev. Whitney attended the closed meeting of the Presbytery and outlined to its members the rumors which he says have been spread against him by several members of his parish. The nature of this gossip was not made known publicly and Rev. Whitney refused to comment

The commission, which is expected to confer here next week with Rev. Whitney to plan details of its investigation, includes:

Rev. S. C. Dickson, Vineland; Rev. R. H. Gage, Wenonah; Rev. J. R. Kerr, Haddon Heights; Rev. G. E. Gillespie, Woodbury; Myrton Bryant, Haddonfield; John F. Macky, Col­lingswood, and P. Kennedy Reeves, Bridgeton.

'The commission's procedure would be similar to that in court cases.

It is understood the inquiry will be held at First Presbyterian Church here when the commission would summon witnesses. It is expected they will include the pastor, the persons in the congregation he accuses of slandering him and other members of the congregation. Other volunteer witnesses not members of the church also may be heard.

Several Results Open

The commission could report there was no basis for the rumors, that the evidence was insufficient and clear the clergyman, or report the rumors had been substantiated and recommend that he be unfrocked if the Presbytery found the evidence sufficient. Should a decision adverse to the minister he rendered he has the right of appeal to the Synod, comprising all the Presbyterian Churches of the state. The last resort would be an appeal to the General Assembly, highest court of the denomination in the United States.

The Presbytery which will receive the commission's report, comprises a minister and elder from each of the 770 or more churches in South Jersey.

Rev. Whitney, 28, is one of the youngest pastors in Camden. He is married and has four sons.

Camden Courier-Post * June 10, 1932

Louise Hummel Honored At Party in Merion, Pa. 
Fall Bride-Elect Feted by Miss Ann Clark at Shower; Leonard W. Lowther to Entertain With Dinner Dance in Country Club for Daughter and Members of School Set

Miss Ann Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Luther Clark, of 310 Linden Lane, Merion, formerly of this city, is entertaining at a garden party and shower this afternoon in honor of Miss Louise Hummel, daughter of Dr . and Mrs. Ernest G. Hummel, of 414 Cooper Street, this city, whose marriage to W. Lawrence Curry, of Drexel Hill, will take place in the early Fall. 

Guests include Mrs. Ernest G. Hummel, Mrs. Everett C. Hires, Miss Gertrude Saurman, Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott and Mrs. Augustus Dodge Whitney, of Camden; Mrs. Harvey K. Partridge; Miss Elizabeth Partridge, Miss Margaret Nekervis, Mrs. Walter Hires, Miss Mabel Garrison, Miss Elizabeth Laird and Mrs. Merwin Hummel, of Merchantville; Mrs. Harry Ross, of New Brunswick; Mrs. Kenneth Garrison, of Germantown; Mrs. N orris Saurman, Miss Maurice Artzt, and Miss Alice Mahaffey of Haddonfield; Miss Dorothy Rogers, Miss Alice Parrish, Miss Alice Hillman, Miss Susanne Lippincott and Mrs. Allison Lee, of Moorestown; Mrs. Claude Dengler, Mrs. Harold Carr, Mrs. Carroll O'Brien, Mrs. Edward Boyd, Mrs. Annie Stadden, Mrs. David Clark, Mrs. Samuel L. Clark, Jr., Mrs. Frederick Slack, Mrs. Herbert N. Munger and Miss Margaret Munger, of Philadelphia, and Mrs. Lee Hummel and Miss Marian Ayres, of Salem.

Camden Courier-Post - June 22, 1933

Six Supporters Made Trustees; Others Yield Executive Positions

Harmony once more reigns in the ranks of the First Presbyterian Church, Fifth and Penn Streets, with six supporters of Rev. Augustus Dedge Whitney, Jr., being elected without opposition to the board of trustees last night at the annual congregational meeting of the church. 

It has been rumored that eight remaining members of the board are those who favored Rev. Whitney's ouster, which the Presbyterian General Assembly recently threw out after affirmative action by the Synod of New Jersey. It is evident, however, that all who opposed Rev. Whitney have forgotten the incident and will abide by the decision of the Assembly as final. 

It was revealed last night that three members of the board have resigned executive positions but are retaining their membership on the board. They are 
Samuel B. Millar, former president; Surrogate George W. Whyte, vice president and Marcus Olsen, treasurer. 

Five elected, to fill expired terms are Assistant Postmaster Robert J. Payne, James Neilson, Dr. A. P. Isenberg, Joseph G. Broderson and James Peacock. John Wilson was elected to fill the unexpired term left vacant by the death of Clarence R. Fisher. Payne was elected treasurer of the board. Auditors elected are George J. Robinson, William Isenberg and Allan Mickle. The congregation voted to dispense with the reading of the minutes to "avoid unpleasant things of last year" and closed the meeting with the singing of "Blest Be the Tie that. Binds Our Hearts In Christian Love." 

Camden Courier-Post * February 28, 1936

Fifth Anniversary of Rev. Whitney's Pastorate to Be Observed

The fifth anniversary of the pastorate of Rev. Augustus D. Whitney, Jr., of First Presbyterian Church, Fifth and Penn streets, will be observed tonight at a dinner in honor of the pastor and his wife. It will begin at 6.30 o'clock in the church.

Rev. Alexander Mackie, pastor of Tully Memorial Church, Sharon Hill, will be toastmaster. Guests will be Rev. William Chalmers Covert, former moderator of the General Assembly; Rev. Thurlow G. Cole, professor of religious education, Crozer Seminary; Rev. William R. Rearick, of North Mutchmore Church, Philadelphia; Rev .. J. Shackleford Dauerty, Moorestown Presbyterian Church; and Rev. Charles Evers, Woodland Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Patronesses are: Mrs. Mary Crawford, Miss Lillian Craig, Miss Etta Duncan, Mrs. Frank Fithian, Mrs. F. B. Garrison, Mrs. S. Russell Greene, Mrs. Joshua C. Haines, Miss Hannah Hood, Mrs. Eva H. Harkness, Mrs. Sarah M. Lacy, Mrs. Robert W. Montgomery, Mrs; Louise B. Marchant, Mrs. Elizabeth McPherson, Mrs. Sarah J. Mechling, Mrs. Benjamin G. Mickle, Mrs. Anna C. Preisendanz, Miss Ellen Plant, Mrs. Louisa B. Reeves, Miss Edith Rogers, Miss Kate Reed, Mrs. Edwin L. Seabrook, Mrs. Chester D. VanDuyne, Mrs. Lucy F. VanSciver and Mrs. William Walker.

Camden Courier-Post * February 28, 1936

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