PHILIP BOISE STINGER was born in Camden on September 17, 1923 to Boise Penrose Fow and his wife, Dorothy Randolph Stinger. His mother obtained a divorce not long after he was born, took back her maiden name and had her son's name changed as well. His mother later married Waldemar Nelson.

Philip B. Stinger was one of five members of the Stinger family who have served as members of the Camden Fire Department. He joined the department in 1947, and served with distinction for 42 years. He served with Engine Company 11 during the 1950s. By 1963 he had been promoted to Captain and was assigned to Rescue Company 1.  

Besides his career with the Camden Fire Department, Phil Stinger also found time to serve Camden's youth. He co-founded the East Camden Marauders youth football team. Soon afterwards a Marauders baseball team was organized and by 1956 a Marauders girl's softball team came into existence. Fellow fire fighter William Dietz was also active with the Marauders until his death in 1962.

Phil Stinger passed away on August 7, 2007.

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Camden Courier-Post
February 5, 1952

Edwin S. Wirtz
Philip B. Stinger



Engine Company 11
Photo by Bob Bartosz

Engine Company 11, rough and dirty after another working fire at the old "starch works" on Lemuel Avenue in East Camden. From left Fire Fighters Phil Stinger, Jack Schott, Herb Baxter, Bill O'Connor and Matt Davies. Circa 1957

Camden Courier-Post
June 23, 1958

North 27th Street
Leon Giberson - Joan Giberson
Randi J. Giberson - James L. Giberson
Charles Christenson
Engine Company 11
John J. Graham
Clara Pepeta - Philip B. Stinger
Ladder Company 3


Camden Courier-Post * June 15, 1959

John Troutman - Thomad Sepicato - Philip B. Stinger - Edward DeHart - William F. Bosset
Engine Company 9 - Ladder Company 3

Phil Stinger and his mother, Dorothy Nelson

Phil Stinger & the East Camden Marauders

When I was a youngster, just entering my  teenage years in the mid 50's, I played baseball with the East Camden Marauders. I played with the younger kids,,...we had our own teams the Dodgers, Phillies, my team was the Athletics.

We played amongst ourselves ,we did not travel. Our field was behind the Westfield Acres

I tried out for the football team a few years later. 

Back in those days they went strictly by age when forming teams. They put me in to try out as offensive tackle... I was as old as the other kids, but only about 4'11",and maybe 50 lbs. soaking wet! I made it through one practice got trampled by a 90 lb. 12 year old on every play...decided that was enough..

Charlie "Skeeter" Moy
August 9, 2007

Phil Stinger along with a man named Joe Price started the East Camden Marauders football team in 1952.

I played right tackle the first year of the Marauders and unfortunately I can't recall most of my teammates, there was a guy named McKnight, McKenna, Henry brothers, Horn, Eachus, Sweeny, Morrison and that's about all I can recall right now. They started the team from scratch, they had to raise the money to buy uniforms, pay for the buses we used as we played all our games away, we didn't have a home field then and also to pay for the banquet and trophies at the end of the season. 

I don't know how Phil Stinger did it, but he got the Eagles coach at the time, I believe his name was Trimble, to speak at our banquet, quite a coup at the time. They didn't start baseball until 55 I believe but it might have been 54. He was a really good guy, Phil Stinger, gave up a lot of his time for the kids. He was the reason why I coached little league and high school ball. Behind the Acres was where we had our practice field which Phil and Joe negotiated with the city to use for free. 

It was Eddie McKenna, Tom Sweeney and I can't put a first name to Morrison either, he played full back, I remember that. Bill McKnight was a back up lineman that first year because he was a little younger then most of us and there was a few kids from 34th street that I can't recall the names, wonder if Phil Stinger kept the roster from the first year. Knew a Joe Becker but none of the other guys you mentioned. Harry Horn was in your class, I thought he was my age, if fact I'm sure he was and Billy Henry is the younger brother of the two Henry's I played with, Bobby and Tommy, I remember Billy being a pain in the ass little kid always trying to tag along. There was a sister also named Carolyn, she was as the saying goes today, hot, but because of the brothers, I never took her out. There was also another guy who lived on the same street as McKnight whose name I can't recall who played for the Marauders back then. We played all over back then against who ever would play us, mostly teams from the South Jersey Midget League which the Marauders joined in '53, we even played in Philly twice, once against the Berwick Bears, the Philly Midget League champs and we beat them, best game of the year. 

Marty Sklar
August 9, 2007

Those names you mentioned sound familiar.  I knew a McKenna, either George or Joe. Billy Henry was in my class at H.H. Davis School ...same goes for Harry Horn. Sweeney I think was Jimmy, and Morrison, I can't put a face or first name to. I lived on Rosedale Avenue, Bill Mc Knight lived on Merriel between Westfield and 32nd Street. The neighborhood was very close-knit back then. All the grownups took an interest in all the kids, no matter what age group. Mr. Mc Knight would take me to Bill's games. Even though I was a little younger, we all played ball- football, basketball, and baseball, all day long at Dudley Grange. Some of the others that played were Richie Reeves, Carl Cuneo, Bobby Rigert, and a couple of the Becker boys.   

Charlie Moy
August 9, 2007

Phil was one of my favorite "big" cousins.  I used to bug him at the firehouse, when he was assigned to the 27th & Federal Street station. He had been promoted to Captain by 1977. 

Marie Johnson
August 10, 2007


Camden Courier-Post * August 8, 2007


Born in Camden, NJ 9/17/1923 passed peacefully on 8/7/2007 after a prolonged illness.

Survived by his loving wife, Peg Anderson- Stinger, her children and grandchildren who cared for him during his long illness and were at his bedside when he passed. Philip is also survived by his beloved son, Philip C. Stinger his children and grandchildren.

Philip started his life being an outstanding athlete at Woodrow Wilson High School where he was selected 'All City' in 1942, the most prestigious athletic award given at that time. Philip went on to serve his country in WWII, the South Pacific and in Europe. After his service he joined the Camden City Fire Department in which he had 42 devoted years before retiring with many commendations concerning his dedication and bravery.

Philip will be dearly missed by all the peoples' lives he has touched.

Viewing and service will be held at STEVENSON- BROWN FUNERAL HOME 33 West Maple Ave., Merchantville, NJ 08109, 856-662-0813 on Sat 8/11/07 from 10:00 to 11:30

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