LUIGI "LUGI" CELANI was born in or around Rome, Italy on August 16, 1890. He had come to America by 1917 and was living in Philadelphia in June of 1917 when he registered for the draft. He eventually moved to Camden NJ, where he found work at the RCA Victor factory.

Shortly after the April 1930 Census Lugi Celani married a widow, Mary Vangeley, who lived at 203 Royden Street with her children, Adeline, Frank, Jennie, Rose, Petrina, and Arelia. He had been friendly with the late William Vangeley, and had promised to lake after the family after the latter's death. By March of 1932 Luigi Celani was living at 203 Royden Street. He remained at that address into the 1960s. He worked at the RCA Victor factory for 32 years.  By 1970 he and his wife Mary had moved to Philadelphia, where he passed away in June of 1975.

Lugi Celani was also involved with Zuni Athletic Association, and served as a trustee in 1939.

By 1949 Lugi Celani's brother-in-law, Antonio Cerasaro, had acquired a nearby bar, the Roma Cafe, on the southeast corner of South 3rd and Royden Streets. The bar remained in the family thought at least the late 1960s, in the latter years operated by Americo "Reds" Cerasaro, Antonio's son, who passed away in 1974.

Camden Courier-Post
March 21, 1932

Emil Tisani  - Luigi Celani
South 2nd Street
Royden Street
Stevens Street


Lugi Celani was a great big man with a big heart if he stabbed someone in the neck he had it coming. - Anthony Tucci, April 2006

Camden Courier-Post * June 16, 1932

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Luigi Celani

Camden Courier-Post
June 19, 1939

Zuni A.A.
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