JOHN R. SHELDON was born in New Jersey, according to the 1900 Census, in November of 1847 to Charles Sheldon and the former Sarah Myrose. The Sheldons had been in North America since the mid 1660s, his great-great-great-
grandfather, Richard Sheldon, having been born in Rhode Island in 1669. John R. Sheldon was living in Camden with his first wife, Mary, at 550 Morris Street, and working as a machinist, a trade he pursued until 1888, when he began working as a teamster. Morris Street was renamed Washington Street in 1882. By 1887 John R. Sheldon had moved to 432 Broadway.

When the Census was taken in 1900 John Sheldon was still living at 432 Broadway. He was in business as a wood and coal dealer. John Sheldon had remarried in 1894. By the time Census was enumerated two children had been born John Cooper Sheldon and Hannah Ruth Sheldon. Another child, Minnie, would follow. By 1906 John Sheldon had relocated to 515 South 6th Street. He went into the furniture business briefly, but this venture appears to have folded folded by the latter part of 1910. According to the 1910-1911 City Directory he went back to work as a wagon driver. The Sheldons remained at 515 South 6th until 1914, when they moved to 809 Line Street. John Sheldon was still working when the Census was taken in January of 1900, by this time as a clerk. The children were all at home, as well as John Cooper Sheldon's new bride, Alice Palmer. 

John R. Sheldon was still living at 809 Line Street as late as 1924. By the time the 1927 Camden City Directory was compiled, he had passed away. His widow Amelia, some 20 years his junior, continued to live at 809 Line Street until her passing on November 29, 1957. 

John Cooper Sheldon worked aboard merchant ships most of his life. He worked aboard the S.S. American Victory in 1947, and the S.S. American Merchant in 1955. He still living at 809 Line Street as late as the fall of 1959. He died in Douglas, Arizona in June of 1964.

Camden Courier-Post - December 2, 1957