JOHN GEORGE HEILEMAN, sometimes referred to as John Heilemann was in the bar and restaurant business at 531 Market Street as early as 1868 until his retirement in 1897. He also served as the court interpreter for Camden County's courts for the last ten years of his life. For 23 years he was the treasurer of the German Centennial Building and Loan Association. He was active in many German-American organizations in Camden and in Philadelphia, including the Turn Verein society which built and operated Turner Hall on Pine Street. He also was a member of  Mozart Lodge No. 121, F. & A.M., the Kane Arctic Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Seven Wise Men, the Siloam Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, the Camden Volksfest Verein and the Camden Liedertafel.

John G. Heileman suffered from diabetes late in his life. He worked as a court interpreter until July of 1898, and passed from the disease on December 3, 1898 at his home at 412 North Second Street.

Market Street
West of North 6th Street
circa 1897

531 Market Street is at far right


Camden Daily Courier - October 29, 1886
Alexander Schlesinger - John Heileman
Eli Bacharach - John Pfeiffer
Dr. Conrad G. Hoell - Jacob Vissell
Anthony J. Oberst - Dr. B.J. Weyle
Francis D. Pastorius - John Scharnagl
Wilhelm Hage - Christian Killinger
David Goldenberg - Christian Eckert
John Hausbeck - Charles E. Wentz
Ernest C. Wentz - Solomon Seybold
Wilhelm Myers - J. Henry Sauers
Gus Weber - George Bristle
Joseph Meyer Sr. - George Hill
Theodore G. Mayer - Emmanuel Schneider
Conrad Spalt - Charles Bankert
Peter Dankelmann - John F. Riegen
George Horneff Sr. - Theodore Krug
Anthony Kobus - George Pfeiffer Sr. 
John Welsh Sr. - Dennis Lutenbacher
Frederick Lutz - Fred George Brum
A. Tegtmaier - Michael N. Voll
George Kleinheinz - Lewis Schiemer
Edward N. Cohn - Charles Helm
Anthony Voll - Dr. H.W. Miller
Edward Schuster Sr. - Dr. John W. Donges
John Heim - John Schanz
Martin J. Ewe - Frank Berberick
David Hess
Jacob Meyer - Fred Spuhler
Jacpb Moeck - Gottlieb C. Moeck
Fred Geissel - John Bender
Peter Mucker - Christian Ebensperger
Louis Clipper - John Schnitzius
John W. Wescott
Harry B. Paul
Albert Hoffman

Camden Daily Courier
December 14, 1887

German Centennial Building Association
Valentine Kissling
John Heileman
Anthony J. Oberst 


Philadelphia Inquirer
January 20, 1891

George Pfeiffer Jr. - William "Billy" Thompson
John Heileman - Harry B. Paul
Thomas Devine - James Cleary
David Corbett - Patrick Whalen
William H. Getty - Patrick J. Farley
John Johnson
John McElwee -
William Guthridge
F.H. Burdsall -
Watson Depuy
George G. Felton - Sinnickson Chew
Charles F. Ware - E. Woodward
Weiling Schrack -
F. Wayland Ayer
William S. Scull - G. Genge Browning
Benjamin C. Reeve - E. Ambler Armstrong
Morris Hall - A. Elwood Jones
John S. Davis - Patrick Daly
South 9th Street - Division Street

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Camden Daily Courier
July 5, 1898

Camden Daily Courier
December 3, 1898


Market Street - North 2nd street - Charles Priesendanz - JacobC. Heileman - Charles G. Garrison
Mozart Lodge No. 121, F. & A.M. - Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Camden Volksfest Verein
Camden Liedertafel - Camden Turn Verein - Seven WIse Men - Siloam Chapter, Royal Arch Masons