JOHN HENRY O'NEIL was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with Engine Company 1 on April 5, 1882. He replaced Christian Tenner. John H. O'Neil served with the Fire Department for two years and was replaced when Christian Tenner was reappointed. John H. O'Neill worked as a laborer when appointed to the Fire Department. He was living at 613 Henry Street during his time with the Fire Department. He had previously worked as a floatman on the river, and would return to work aboard ship after his time with the Fire Department. 

John H. O'Neil was born in Pennsylvania in January of 1852. His family came to New Jersey some time thereafter, as his younger brother Bernard was born in New Jersey around 1859. John H. O'Neill was married and living at 653 Henry Street in Camden as early as 1878. The 1880 Census shows him then living at the Henry Street address with his wife Kate and his  brother Bernard. A son, John F. O'Neil, was born in December of 1881.

The City Directory for 1883 shows he had gone to work as a boatman for the Pennsylvania Railroad, and was still answering calls as an extra man with the Camden Fire Department. By 1887 John O'Neil had been promoted by the Pennsylvania Railroad and was the captain of one of its tugboats. The O'Neils had by this time moved to 617 Henry Street, and would remain here into 1895. The 1896 Camden City Directory indicates that the John and Kate O'Neil and family had moved around the corner to 447 Line Street, and he was still a Pennsylvania Railroad tugboat captain. When the Census was taken in 1900 John and Kate O'Neil and their son John F. O'Neil were still living at 447 Line Street John F. O'Neil married around 1902. A grandson, also named John, was born in 1911.

John O'Neil was still living at 447 Line Street as late as 1914. He passed away on May 20, 1915. The O'Neil family was still living at 447 Line Street as late as January of 1920.

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 23, 1915