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JOHN ALBERT STOCKTON HUNT was born in Camden. New Jersey to George Sawyer Hunt and his wife, the former Clara Cook. His father had served as member of the Camden Fire Department in the late 1870s and 1880s, initially as the stoker and later as the hose cart driver with Engine Company 1. 

George S. Hunt married Clara Cook in the 1870s. There were three children, Walter, born in 1879; David, born in 1881; and John A.S. Hunt, born in May of 1884. 

George S. Hunt was working as a laborer and living at 416 Pine Street when he and his brother James H. Hunt were appointed to the Camden Fire Department in April of 1877. The brothers and their families were all living at 416 Pine Street at the times. When reappointed the following year, another fire fighter, Edmund Shaw also was living at that address. The 1880 Census shows George Hunt, wife Clara, and son Walter at 814 South 4th Street. He was working as an oilcloth printer. The 1881 Camden City Directory shows him living at 411 Pine Street

By March of 1882 George S. Hunt had moved to 441 Pine Street, Edmund Shaw was still living at 411 Pine Street. George S. Hunt moved back to 411 Pine Street by the end of 1882 and lived there as late as 1884. George S. Hunt was not reappointed to the Fire Department in 1882. A newspaper report states that he was reappointed in March of 1884, however, Camden Fire Department records have yet to confirm this. City Directories indicate that he was working as an oilcloth printer at L.D. Farr's works.

City Directories beginning in 1885 through 1888 show George S. Hunt and his family lived at 508 Pine Street, where he kept a saloon. 

The 1890 City Directory show George S. Hunt and family were living at 417 Pine Street, working as a driver for the Camden Police Department. He was still a policeman and living at 417 Pine Street when the 1892-1893 City Directory was compiled. He is not listed in the 1893-1894 or 1894-1895 City Directories. The 1896 City Directory lists his widow, Clara, at 816 South 4th Street. His mother married Alexander Marcy Stone in 1897. A son Charles, was born in 1899. When the Census was taken in June of 1900, the family lived at 740 Pine Street. They subsequently moved to Glassboro, New Jersey. John A.S. Hunt returned to Camden after the 1910 Census was taken.

John A.S. Hunt married around 1913. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in 1915. His wife Henrietta bore him a daughter, Ruth, in 1916, son George came two years later.

John A.S. Hunt fought many fires during his career as a Camden firefighter. Camden Fire Department historian Lee Ryan wrote about one in the 125th anniversary book, published in 1994:

Something akin to a miracle occurred on the frigid night of January 11,1916 at the State Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Sixth and State Streets, North Camden. At 10 P.M., three alarms were transmitted in rapid succession for a serious fire involving the main auditorium of the church. Heavy fire conditions extended to destroy the roof, the organ loft, the altar, Sunday School classrooms, and the entire pew area throughout the auditorium. When the blaze was finally extinguished, all that remained standing were four granite walls. On the south side of the building along State Street, was a magnificent stained glass window of gigantic proportion depicting Christ breaking bread with Martha and Mary, the sisters of Lazarus. The window had inexplicably withstood the flames and heat. The scene from the life of Christ was not blistered, scorched or marred in anyway. It has never been retouched and still stands as a miracle, surviving one of the most disastrous church fires in City history. Chief of Department Peter Carter was injured at this incident when he fell through a passageway between the auditorium and the school building. He was hospitalized for several weeks. Captain Joseph Maxwell and Fireman Steward Bakley of Hook & Ladder Company 1, Fireman John Hunt of Engine Company 3, and Fireman William McCauley of Chemical Company 1 were injured when the church roof collapsed on them. Under heavy smoke conditions and following some difficulty, the members were able to extricate themselves, three of them safely. Captain Maxwell was admitted to the hospital for a brief stay. 

John A.S. Hunt and family were living at 1018 South 6th Street when he registered for the draft in September of 1918. The 1920 Census lists John Hunt and his family at 1009 South 6th Street. His mother then lived with him. The Hunts remained at this address as late as April of 1930. By 1929 John A.S. Hunt was promoted to the rank of Captain. He was still working when the Census was taken in April of 1930. 

Sadly, Captain John A.S. Hunt suffered a fatal heart attack on May 28, 1930. He was buried at New Camden Cemetery. His brother, David Hunt, was a member of the Camden Police Department from 1909 to 1932, serving as a detective for much of his career. 

Two of John A.S. Hunt's cousins, George H. Hunt and Eli M. Hunt, sons of Uncle James H. Hunt, were also career Camden fire fighters. Another cousin, Theodosia Hunt Conaghy, was matron at the Camden County Jail from 1923 to her retirement in 1950.

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 30, 1915

John Stockton - Peter B. Carter
Thomas J. Nicholas
- William Patterson
Charles Cook - Walter Mertz
William Cason - Robert Whitley
T.G. Middleton -
John H. Lennox
John A.S. Hunt George Cattell
Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 4
Walter W. Johnson - Walter W. Lee
Clarence Baler -
Walter Wolverton
Albert Denise - William Barr
Bowman H. Shivers

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World War I Draft Card

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Camden Daily Courier
May 21, 1920

Engine Company 10
Ladder Company 4
James White
Horace Cairns
Mortica Clark
John Vickers
Charles Watkin
Herman O. Kreher
John A.S. Hunt
George Hunt
James McDermott
William Miller
Harry Selby

Joseph T. Daley
Roy A. Smith
Seth Monell
William Madison


Camden Daily Courier
September 18, 1920

Horace Cairns - William Miller
Harry Selby - Charles Gall
Spencer Smith - Howard C. Walker
Rocco Fanelli - Harry J. Zander
Mortica Clark - James McDermott
James Durkin - Frank Burt
George C. Wade - Samuel E. Patton
William Reynolds - Harry Hallowell
Howard Harrington - Henry Baumgartel
Walter Carter - George Henry Johnson
Louis D. Stevens - Roscoe Tribbett
Benjamin Walters - W. Scott Franklin
George Cattell - Joseph Daley 
Anthony Valentine - David Smith
Carlo Lombardo - George Pursglove
John Hunt - Robert Gick
Nelson Till - Herman Kreher

Engine Company 10 - Ladder Company 4 - Engine Company 1
Engine Company 2 - Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 2  - Engine Company 7
Engine Company 8  - Engine Company 9
Hose & Chemical Company 2 (Engine Company 11)

Bridgeton Evening News
July 21, 1921

John Buckingham
John A.S. Hunt 
Engine Company 8

Camden Post-Telegram
August 9, 1921

John H. Lennox - John A.S. Hunt
Engine Company 1
Engine Company 8
Benny Walters
William Taylor

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 28, 1922
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Samuel M. Price - John Hunt - Irwin Bishop - Charles Watkin - William Merrigan - William Reynolds
Broadway - Broadway Trust Company - Harry Armbruster - Cooper Hospital - Lyric Theater 
Ladder Company 2 - Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 8
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