JESSE MILTON JONES was born in Ridgeway, North Carolina on July 3, 1914, one of at least none children born to Lawson and Eliza Jones. The 1930 Census shows the family living at 2749 Saunders Street in East Camden.

Jesse M. Jones and Raymond T. Amos were both appointed to the Camden Fire Department on May 14, 1937 and reported for duty with Engine Company 1 at 409 Pine Street on May 16. On April 1, 1948 Fireman Raymond Amos was the first black member promoted to the rank of Captain, followed a week later by Captain Jesse Jones. Both members remained officers at Engine 1. Captain Jones retired on October 1, 1963 after over 36 years of service to the City of Camden.

The 1940 Camden City Directory lists Jesse Jones and his wife Mabel at 445 West Street. The 1943 Directory gives an address of 1701 South 9th Street. The 1947
Camden City Directory shows Jesse Jones at 706-A North 27th Street in Cramer Hill. In his later years a resident of Willingboro, New Jersey, Jesse M. Jones passed away on July 24, 1990. 

April 1948- In the company office of Engine Company 1, South 4th & Pine Streets. (Seated) Captain Raymond Amos; (standing) Captain Jesse Jones.

Circa 1949- Engine Company 1, wagon and pumper at front of quarters, South 4th & Pine Streets, South Camden. From left: Firemen Alfred Green, Fred Henderson, Charles Cook, Leroy Hatchett, Robert Thomas, Andrew Robinson, James Richardson, Eugene Alston, James Clinton, Captains Jesse Jones and Raymond Amos.

1953- Engine Company 1 with Hose Wagon at front of quarters, 1953. From left: Fireman Jesthroe Hunt, Fireman Charles Davis, Fireman Eugene Alston, Captain Jesse Jones, Fireman Charles Cooke.

September 1954- Roll Call at the housewatch desk of Engine Company 1 's old quarters, South 4th & Pine Streets, South Camden on the occasion of Fireman Charlie Cook's retirement following his last tour of duty. From left: Firemen Andrew Robinson, Eugene Alston, Theodore Primas, Charles Davis, Captain Jesse Jones presenting wrist watch, Firemen Jesthroe Hunt, Samuel Fisher, Charles Cook, Orville Goldsboro, Captain Raymond Amos, Fireman Alfred Green.