JAMES WELDEN was born in Pennsylvania in November of 1854. He appears in Camden City Directories in 1878, living at 312 Elm Street, and in 1879 at 120 Pearl Street. James Welden married in 1880. His wife Catherine Maria Welden gave birth seven children, six of whom lived to adulthood, Ella, Harriett, Edwin, Catherine, Charles S.W., and William Welden.

City Directories show James Welden and family at 632 North Front Street from 1881 through 1883. On March 30, 1883 James Weldon was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, where he served for one year with Engine Company 2.


The 1885 Camden City Directory shows James Welden working as a fireman and living at 10 Pearl Street

By 1895 James Welden had gone to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The 1895-1896 City Directory shows him living at 726 Clinton Street and working as an engineer. He laso worked as a switchman and as a brakeman for the Pennsylvania Railroad during the 1890s. The 1899 City Directory shows him living at 216 Berkley Street. By the time the census was taken in 1900, the Welden family had moved to 423 Berkley Street. James Welden is listed at 615 Clinton Street in the 1906 Directory, and at 210 South 5th Street in the 1910 Census. By that time he had been promoted to conductor. 

James and Catherine Welden are listed in the 1918-1919 City Directory and in the 1920 Census at 404 Haddon Avenue. The 1924 Edition shows that they wee living with sons Edwin and Charles S.W. Welden at 423 Haddon Avenue. James Welden passed away in 1926 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery. His widow was then living at 1354 Park Boulevard. She later moved to Collingswood. Catherine Welden joined her husband on December 26, 1936. 

Trenton Evening Times - September 19, 1896