JAMES DUNN was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on October 9, 1872 as one of a number of men appointed as replacements for those who had resigned from Engine Company 2 and from the Hook and Ladder Company the previous day. He served as the Engineer for Engine Company 2 until he was dismissed and replaced replaced by William S. Davis in April of 1873.

Little has been discovered about James Dunn's early life. He appears to have been born in Pennsylvania around 1850. He does not appear in the City of Camden in the 1870 Census. James Dunn was living at 2 Pearl Street and working as an engineer when he was appointed to the Fire Department.

James Dunn returned to the Fire Department on April 8, 1876. He was then living at 112 Birch Street. He served with Engine Company 2 for one year.

James Dunn married in the late 1870s. His wife Sarah was born in New Jersey around 1857, and was most likely a Camden resident. James Dunn usually worked as a stationary engineer. James Dunn moved around for several years, according to the City Directories and Census records of the time. The 1878 City Directory has him living at 65 State Street, the 1879 edition at 112 Birch Street. The 1880 Census shows James P. and Sarah Dunn, as well as their sons John and Joseph, at 112 Birch Street. The 1881 Directory has James Dunn at 28 North 2nd Street. The 1882 and 1883 Directories show him at 53 North 2nd Street. The 1884 and 1885 Directories put him at 30 North 2nd Street. 1887 had James Dunn at 27 North 2nd Street and working for Riley & Co. The 1888-1889 Directory show him at 236 Washington Street, the 1890-1891 edition at 219 Market Street, the 1892-1893 book gives his address as 25 North 2nd Street and the 1893-1894 Directory states that he was boarding at 53 North 2nd Street. He appears to have passed away before the next directory was compiled.