Jack Weisfeld

JACOB "JACK" WEISFELD was born in what is now Lithuania February 5, 1903 to Max and Rose Weisfeld. His father came to America shortly after his birth, and was able to young Jacob, his mother, and an older brother, Isadore. After living in Pennsylvania for a short time, the Weisfeld family settled in Camden NJ, where son Morris was born, in 1909. Two more children came later, Sarah, and Henry Weisfeld.

At the time of the 1920 Census, the Weisfeld family resided at 616 Kaighn Avenue, where Max Weisfeld had a grocery store. Young Jack Weisfeld was working as an errand boy at an optical business.

By 1930 the Weisfeld family resided in a home they had purchased at 789 Chestnut Street, which had been a saloon in the the years before Prohibition. They lived only a short block from the new Congregation Sons of Israel Synagogue, at South 8th and Sycamore Streets.  Max Weisfeld and his two older sons had a junk business at 804 Atlantic Avenue. When Prohibition was repealed, liquor licenses apparently were grand-fathered back to the buildings where they once were. Max Weisfeld obtained a liquor license and operated the bar at 789 Chestnut Street until his death in June of 1942. Sadly, brother Isadore passed away three months later. The bar, known as Weisfeld's Cafe, was run by family members well into the 1970s. Since the late 1980s the bar at 789 Chestnut Street has been known as Krystal Lounge

The junk business at 8th and Atlantic in time this business evolved into auto parts yard, and was known as Jack's Auto Parts by the 1940s. Younger brother Henry managed the business in those years. This business was gone by the 1950s, and disappeared completely with the construction of Interstate 676.

Jack Weisfeld owned a home at 573 Walnut Street by the 1950s. He resided there until he passed away in December of 1977.

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October 16, 1936

Gettysburg PA

September 28, 1942

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