ISAAC L. AUERBACH was born on October 9, 1921 to Philip and Rose Auerbach, of Camden NJ. The Auerbach family was one of the first Jewish families to establish a presence on Kaighn Avenue, in the 1890s. Philip Auerbach was prominent in real estate circles. He grew up at 1464 Wildwood Avenue, in Camden's Parkside section, a block that had many prominent Camden businessmen and lawyers. The Auerbach's next door neighbor was lawyer and politician Rocco Palese. Also on the block was Camden official Frank S. Fithian, merchants Lewis Berkowitz, Morris Heine and Hyman Lichtenstein, lawyer Harry Teitelman, and Louis Richelson. There were no less than five lawyers living in the eight houses between 1450 and 1464 Wildwood in 1930- Harry Teitelaman, Harry Berkowitz, Norman Heine, Rocco Palese, and older brother Carl Auerbach. 

Isaac Auerbach earned a BS at Drexel University in 1943. After earning his MS from Harvard in 1947, he became resident engineer at the Univac Division of Sperry Rand. In 1949 he moved to Burroughs Corporation as manager of the Defense Space and Special Products Division. In 1957 he left to form his own company, Auerbach Associates, Inc. He was president of this company until 1976, when he sold the company to its executives. He then founded Isaac L. Auerbach Inc. Consultants and became its president. He was also chairman of Auerbach Corporation Science and Technology, 1957-1983, and president (1960-1981) and later chairman (1981-1986) of Auerbach Publishers.

Isaac Auerbach was active in computer societies, especially the American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS), where he worked on the History of Computing Committee (HOCC). In 1960 he helped found the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and was its first president, from 1960-1965. His notes on the founding of the IFIP can be read here.

Isaac Auerbach worked on government committees as well, including acting as chair for the Commerce Technical Advisory Board (CTAB) working group for the development of a system for U.S. science and technology information

Last a resident of Narberth PA, Isaac L. Auerbach died on December 24, 1992.