HUGH SCROGGY was born in 1828. The 1850 Census shows him single and living with farmer Josiah Prickett in Southampton Township, Burlington County, where he most likely worked as a laborer.

The 1860 Census shows Hugh Scroggy was married. He lived with his wife, Sarah L., son Alfred, and daughter Lizzie, lived in New Hanover Township, Burlington County where he worked as a day laborer. A son, Richard, was born on February 23, 1861. Another son, Edwin, was born in 1863.

On August 26, 1862 Hugh Scroggy enlisted in the Union Army. He served as a private with Company D of the Twenty-third New Jersey Infantry from September 23, 1862 to June 27, 1863. The 1870 Census shows him living in Pemberton, New Jersey with his wife and four children.

Hugh Scroggy was living with his wife Sarah and son Edwin (Edward in the Census) in Evesham Township, New Jersey when the Census was taken in 1880. He was working as a foreman on a farm. When the City Directory for 1881 was compiled that listed residents of Burlington, the Scroggy's were listed.

In the mid-1880s Hugh Scroggy moved to Camden, New Jersey. He is listed in the 1887-1888 City Directory at 234 Main Street. On July 12, 1887 he filed for his Civil War Invalid's Pension.

High Scroggy died in Camden on March 23, 1888. He was buried in the Soldiers Plot in New Camden Cemetery.

A Hugh Scroggy is listed in the 1888-1889 City Directory as being in the produce business on Washington Street, near South 3rd Street. However, Sarah Scroggy, his widow is listed at 414 North Front Street. 

Sarah lived in Camden until her passing in 1915. The 1893 Directory has her at 113 Pearl Street, her daughter Lizzie Egbert lived at that address from 1890 through 1894. The 1895 and 1897 editions shows Sarah Scroggy and the Egberts at 528 North Front Street. From 1899 through 1902 her address was given at 36 North 4th Street. Directories from 1903 through 1905 show her at 507 Pine, this is probably an error, as she is listed in further Directories and the 1910 Census at 507 Vine Street

The 1910 Census shows Sarah Scroggy living with her widowed daughter Elizabeth Egbert and granddaughter Rhoda at 507 Vine Street in North Camden. Son Edwin was living in Clementon at that time with his wife and children. 

Aroiund 1914 granddaughter Rhoda Egbert married Milan Gallup, a chenical engineer. Elizabeth Scroggy Egbert moved with her daughter and son-in-law to Rhode Island shortly thereafter, where a granddaughter was born in 1916. Elizabeth Scroggy Egbert was still living with her daughter and family in Rhode Island in April of 1930.

Oldest son Alfred Dalton Scroggy had gone to California by 1880, where he raised a family. He lived in San Francisco on 1990, Alameda in 1884, and San Diego in 1887. He remained in California until his passing in 1916. 

Richard Scroggy was listed in the 1880 Census in Evesham Township, and followed his brother to California. He too was living in Alameda in 1884, but what became of him afterwards is not known at present.

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