HERMAN A. DREAS was born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania on October 7, 1890. He was one of six children born to Phoebe and Daniel Dreas. By the summer of 1910 the family had moved to the Cramer Hill neighborhood of Camden. Daniel Dreas was working as a carpenter to support his family. The Dreas lived at 1236 North 25th Street. Beside Herman, older brother Benjamin and younger sisters Bertha and Ruth were also at home. Herman A. Dreas was then working as a laborer in a factory at the time of the Census. Herman Dreas is not listed in the 1914 Camden City Directory, however, his father and brother Benjamin were still living at 1236 North 25th Street. Herman Dreas and Mary Holly of 226 Watkins Street, Philadelphia were issued a marriage license in Philadelphia on January 17, 1918. Herman was working as lineman for Public Service when he registered for the draft in April of 1917. He was then still living at 1236 North 25th Street. He enlisted in February of 1918, and was wounded by machine gun fire on October 19, 1918 during the battle of the Argonne Forest. 

The 1920 Census shows Herman Dreas still working as a lineman. He was living with his wife Mary at the home of her parents, Thomas and Veronica Murphy, 936 North 24th Street. Also at home was Mary's son Albert Holly, a child of her prior marriage. On January 18, 1920 he began service with the Camden Fire Department. Herman Dreas lived around the corner from Camden firefighter Herman Kreher, it may have been through his influence that Herman Dreas was appointed to the Camden Fire Department.

The 1924 Camden City Directory shows Herman Dreas working as a Camden firefighter, and living at 1117 North 26th Street. The 1930 Census shows him living with his wife, in-laws, and Albert Holly at 1241 North 26th Street. He was still at this address as late as the spring of 1942. Herman Dreas was still a member of the Camden Fire Department when the 1940 Camden City Directory was compiled. 

On March 17, 1941 Herman Dreas was granted a pension by the City of Camden. had left the Camden Fire Department. Shortly after registering for the draft, Herman Dreas moved to 949 Cedar Street in North Camden. They remained at this address for the rest of their days. Herman Dreas passed away in 1961. Mary Dreas joined him in 1966. There were no children.

World War I Draft Card

Camden Post-Telegram * January 7, 1918

Camden Post-Telegram * January 17, 1918

Camden Courier-Post
November 3, 1932

North 26th Street
Herman A. Dreas
Farragut Motor Club
Thomas Crosley

Camden Courier-Post * August 11, 1932

John Peterson - Herman Dreas - North 26th Street - North 34th Street - Engine Company 11
Nathews-Purnell Post 518, VFW

Camden Courier-Post
May 17, 1933

Mickle Street
Engine Company 11
Nicholas Romaine
Herman Dreas
Harry Hess
John Mohrfeld
William S. Mountney
Michael Mungioli
John Peterson

Camden Courier-Post
October 14, 1933

Engine Company 11
John Lennox
Robert Wonsetler
Harry Kreher - Edward Kreher
William Harring - Rollo Jones
Walter Mertz - Charles Errickson
William Mountney - Nelson Till
William Getner - John Peterson

Harry Hess
Michael Mungioli
Herman Kreher
John Mohrfeld
Howard Currie

Camden Courier-Post * October 27, 1934



Engine Company 11 - Harry Hess - Michael Mungioli - Herman Kreher - Engine Company 1
John Mohrfeld - Howard Currie - Cramer Street - Beideman Avenue - Sherman Avenue
North 26th Street - Highland Avenue - Haddon Avenue - Westfield Avenue - South 34th Street

Camden Courier-Post
October 27, 1934

Engine Company 11
South 9th Street
K.J. Chard
Morgan Boulevard
Mabel Stark

South 34th Street
Edith McRae
Westfield Avenue
Sherman Street
Harry Hess

Haddon Avenue

World War II Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post
November 23, 1961

Cpl. Mathews-Purnell Post 518, VFW
Engine Company 11
Cedar Street

Camden Courier-Post
November 8, 1966

Cedar Street
Holy Name Roman Catholic Church